IPB Spirit Project Held Summer Course Program and Sundanes Traditional Games of Physical Activities in Kampung Budaya District of Bogor

The IPB Spirit Project, in collaboration with the Department of Community Nutrition, organized a unique summer course from 21-25 August 2023 that brought together participants from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Uganda. The summer course aimed to provide an enriching educational experience both in the classroom and through outdoor activities. The course concluded with a cultural immersion day at Kampung Budaya Sindangbarang, Bogor on Friday 25 August 2023, where participants engaged in traditional games (Alimpaido), with a special focus on the Bakiak Racing, Sumpit Games and Egrang game and enjoying the traditional dance and food.

The collaboration between the IPB Spirit Project and the Department of Community Nutrition aimed to offer participants a comprehensive and diverse learning experience. The participants represented Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Uganda fostering cross-cultural interactions and knowledge exchange. The course curriculum was thoughtfully designed to blend theoretical knowledge with practical insights, providing a well-rounded understanding of nutrition and its applications.

The summer course encompassed a variety of activities, including classroom sessions, hands-on workshops, and outdoor experiences. In the classroom, participants delved into topics related to nutrition, dietary habits, food security, and the cultural significance of food that related with maternal and child health. Workshops provided participants with opportunities to apply their knowledge through cooking demonstrations, specific food production, and discussions on sustainable food practices.

The highlight of the summer course was the outdoor cultural immersion day at Kampung Budaya Sindangbarang. Situated in an idyllic setting, Kampung Budaya Sindangbarang provided the perfect backdrop for participants to engage with traditional cultural elements. Participants were introduced to Sundanese culture through activities such as traditional dance, arts and crafts, and traditional games.

Traditional Games – Egrang. Some participants tried to walk with Egrang. One of the captivating activities at Kampung Budaya was the participation in traditional games, with a particular focus on the Egrang game. Egrang tests competitors' balance, coordination, and agility as they run or walk on tall bamboo stilts. The participants, who came from all backgrounds, enthusiastically welcomed the experience. The game not only offered amusement but also advanced understanding of regional customs and sports.

Traditional Games of Bakiak Racing. Participants also participated in  "A race of fast walking while wearing 'bakiak' in a traditional Sundanese game." Participants in this game walk quickly while donning the traditional wooden footwear known as "bakiak" or "clogs." The difficulty comes from keeping pace and balance while moving about in these unusual shoes. This game, which emphasizes agility, coordination, and cultural aspects, is a great illustration of a traditional Sundanese game.

Traditional Games “Sumpit”. Summer Course Participants joined "A competition of Shooting paper cups by using Sumpit as a traditional game of Sunda. In several civilizations, including Sundanese culture, "sumpit" is a traditional tool used for blow dart games and various utilitarian functions. Typically, it consists of a small pipe or tube that is intended to transmit the player's air blowing energy to light projectiles such as darts. Both the blowpipe and the darts used with it are frequently referred to by the word "sumpit" itself. Reeds, bamboo, and other appropriate materials can be used to make darts. They are balanced to fly stably when driven by the force of the player's breath and frequently have a sharp tip for precision. Sumpit promotes not onlly physical skill but also promote focus, patience, and healthy competition.


The collaboration between the IPB Spirit Project and the Department of Community Nutrition resulted in a successful and enriching summer course that combined educational excellence with cultural appreciation. Participants from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Uganda had the opportunity to learn about nutrition, engage in hands-on activities, and immerse themselves in the local Sundanese culture. The inclusion of traditional games, notably Egrang, added a unique and memorable dimension to the participants' experience.

The success of this collaborative effort underscores the significance of interdisciplinary and cross-cultural initiatives in fostering holistic learning and mutual understanding. As the participants return to their respective countries, they carry with them not only the knowledge gained but also cherished memories of a vibrant and culturally immersive summer course.

Acknowledgments: The organizers express their sincere gratitude to the IPB Spirit Project, the Department of Community Nutrition, Faculty of Human Ecology IPB University, Kampung Budaya Sindangbarang, and all participants for their active participation and support, which contributed to the success of this collaborative endeavor.

Published Date : 04-Sep-2023

Resource Person : Prof Sri Anna Marliyati

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