Get Closer to Biopharmaca Through Counselling with Martani Organic

IPB University's Resource and Environmental Economics Student Association (Himpro REESA) held a socialization of the Biopharmaca Program. The socialization was an inaugural activity of Urban Farming Program with the Cibanteng Village community. This service activity is located at Majelis Ta'lim Al-Hidayah RW 10, Cibanteng Village, Ciampea District, Bogor, West Java.

"The Biopharmaca Program is an initiation program from last year's program. Therefore, it is hoped that this year the biopharmaca program can run smoothly and form a biopharmaca house institution, so that this program can be sustainable," said Suherlan, a student of IPB University.

The chairman of BUMDes Cibanteng Village, Mukhlis, said that biopharmaca plants are a strategic commodity, in addition to food commodities. He said that biopharmaca is a plant that has the potential to become healthy food, healthy drinks, and medicine. This biopharmaca is usually better known by the community as Toga (Family Medicinal Plants).

"We are very grateful for the collaborative activities between IPB University and Cibanteng Village, especially the coffee kebon village, we have felt a lot," said Mukhlis.

Governmentally, said Heri, the representative of Cibanteng Village Head, is very grateful, because without the cooperation between IPB University, Cibanteng Village will not become an independent village and a village full of creativity.

"Of course, in the village there are many plants that are very efficacious, especially in terms of processing, so as to create a potion or result that is very healthy. In essence, the Cibanteng Village Government is very supportive of this activity, one of which is the biopharmaca program," said Heri, a representative of the Cibanteng Village head. (*/ra) (IAAS/NVA)

Published Date : 11-Sep-2023

Resource Person : Suherlan, Mukhlis, Heri

Keyword : IPB students, IPB service, IPB innovation, IPB cooperation