The New Students of IPB University’s 60th Batch Break World-Level 3D Formation Record: The Biggest Human 3D Puzzle Assembly

The new batch of IPB University students, the 60th Batch, successfully broke the world record of the Record Holders Republic (RHR) in the category of 'The Biggest Human 3D Puzzle Assembly' during the New Student Campus Introduction Period (MPKMB) of 2023. The record-breaking event involved a total of 3,750 new students on the Gymnasium field of the IPB Dramaga Campus in Bogor.

Halim Sugiarto, the Vice President of RHR, stated that every year the new IPB University students never fail to create something special. Compared to the previous year's record, this year featured more formations, adding up to a total of 85 formations. All of these formations were arranged in a more organized and neat way.

"What we highlight from this record is the effort and hard work, in addition to the numerical value and achievements. I give my appreciation to the extraordinary new students of IPB University. The hope is that this event can also serve as motivation, not only for achieving the record, but also for them to gain memories and achievements together at the beginning of their university journey, said Halim.

The Biggest Human 3D Puzzle Assembly is a puzzle formed by mosaic images made from pixels using handheld fans. The use of the hand fans is intended to prevent environmental pollution as well as promote reusability. According to Halim, this factor adds more value to this year's record.

Dr Ujang Suwarna, the Director of Student Affairs at IPB University, congratulated the new students of IPB University's 60th Batch. “Today, IPB University has once again achieved a world record-breaking accomplishment for the new students of the batch. This should also serve as the best motivation for them,” he stated.

He explained that behind this record, there is a long and diligent effort in its preparation. “I hope this can be a strong motivation for them to always work hard and give their best for IPB University,” Dr Ujang concluded.

In a similar sentiment, the Vice Rector of IPB University for Education and Student Affairs, Prof Deni Noviana, expressed his appreciation to all parties who contributed to the succes of this record. He stated, “I appreciate the efforts of the Directorate of Student Affairs at IPB University and the MPKMB committee for meticulously organizing the formation of the new student record. All vice rectors and deans present this morning demonstrate our commitment to wholeheartedly welcoming the students of the 60th Batch."

Fauziah, a new student at IPB University from the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), shared her impression of being part of this world record. “It was very exciting and fun. I thought it would be difficult to execute, but it turned out to be easy and brief. Hopefully, the students of the 60th Batch of IPB University will always be unified, able to help each other out, and become even more solid in the future,” she expressed. (Lp/Rz) (IAAS/ZRT)

Published Date : 11-Aug-2023

Resource Person : Halim Sugiarto, Dr Ujang Suwarna, Prof Deni Noviana

Keyword : IPB world record, The Biggest Human 3D Puzzle Assembly, IPB new students