IPB Fauna Conservation Union Gains Knowledge at the 10th Indonesian Bird Observers Meeting

The Fauna Conservation Union (UKF) IPB University sent three of its members to attend the 10th Indonesian Bird Observers Meeting (PPBI X) which was held in Penatahan Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. The PPBI X event was a gathering event as well as transferring knowledge to bird observers and photographers from all over Indonesia.

"The form of activity in the PPBI X event is in the form of hospitality with all participants, bird watching, as well as discussions on the topic of illegal trade and the National Ficus Conservation Movement. This event also presents a story from a former bird hunter and trader who has now become a bird observer and photographer," said Akbar, an IPB University student, a member of the UKF Bird Conservation Division who was involved.

According to him, this PPBI was interesting to discuss because the meetings and discussions that are held always provide beneficial results for the preservation of Indonesian birds. “Since the first PPBI in 2007, discussion sessions have always been held to come up with something that can help bird conservation efforts. For example PPBI IX which produced the Atlas of Indonesian Birds," he said.

Kevin, who is also a member of the UKF IPB University Bird Conservation Division, said "PPBI X was the first PPBI event that I attended. The series of activities carried out were quite relaxed but gave me a special impression because I could discuss and observe bird species that I had never seen before. I can also expand my connection with bird watchers from various regions," (NR/Rz) (IAAS/BKU)

Published Date : 06-Jun-2023

Resource Person : Akbar, Kevin

Keyword : UKF IPB, IPB students, Indonesian Bird Observers Meeting