IPB University Postgraduate School Signs Collaboration Agreement with Sucofindo

The Postgraduate School (SPs) of IPB University signed a collaboration agreement (PKS) with PT Sucofindo regarding education programs, non-degree programs, master degree programs, independent apprenticeship programs and recruitment at the IPB University SPs Building, Bogor (7/6).

Present at the event, Prof Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat, Dean of SPs IPB University; Prof Agus Buono, Vice Rector for Education and Student Affairs; Prof Titi Candra Sunarti Vice Rector for Resources, Cooperation and Development; as well as educational staff. PT Sucofindo was attended by the Director of Human Resources, Dr. Johanes Nanang Marjianto and several division heads.

In his remarks, Prof Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat expressed his gratitude for the implementation of the PKS with PT Sucofindo. He hopes that it can be followed up soon and can run smoothly. "We want IPB University graduates not only to have competitive competence, but also to have side-by-side competence, in this case cooperation," he said.

Currently SPs IPB University is developing an integration system for new student registration. Prospective new students when they enter SPs IPB University have immediately chosen whether to have a single degree, double degree or can take part in student exchanges.

"We will develop this (integration system), including providing better facilities for prospective new students to be able to study not only at IPB University but with several universities outside," he added.

Prof Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat explained, PT Sucofindo can also choose a special class according to their needs. But of course still follow the existing guidelines and regulations such as compulsory courses that must be taken by students.

“Because today's needs change more quickly, quality is still non-negotiable. However, the implementation of learning activities can be done more flexibly," he continued.

Prof Agus Buono added, currently there are two types of management of study programs (prodi) in SPs IPB University, namely monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary. The management of the monodisciplinary program is carried out by the respective faculties at IPB University, while the multidisciplinary program is managed by SPs IPB University.

"Currently, there are three routes for registration at SPs IPB, namely regular classes, special organizing classes and programs by research. There are currently 57 master programs and 43 doctoral programs for the list and curriculum can be seen on the post.ipb.ac.id page," he concluded.

Meanwhile Dr Johanes Nanang Marjianto stated that PT Sucofindo wanted to collaborate with various universities, one of which was IPB University. Currently PT Sucofindo wants to advance its employees to be able to continue their studies at IPB University. In addition to education, cooperation will also be carried out in relation to research, both related to PT Sucofindo's products and future regulations.

"We also want to use experts from universities and if needed a practicing lecturer from PT Sucofindo we are ready to collaborate," he said (HBL/Rz) (IAAS/YMK).

Published Date : 08-Jun-2023

Resource Person : Prof Dodik Ridho Nurrochma, Prof Agus Buono, Dr Johanes Nanang Marjianto

Keyword : SPs IPB, IPB University, IPB Collaboration, PT Sucofindo