IPB University Applied Meteorology Students Hold Student Showcase Climatology on Life

IPB University students from the Applied Meteorology Study Program (Prodi) held a Student Showcase Climatology on Life, an exhibition and education on the application of climatology in various fields of life, which was held in the Land Corridor, Dramaga Campus IPB, Bogor, (25/5).

This activity is an application of the Independent Curriculum (K2020) learning adopted through Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Applied Climatology Courses (MK). This Showcase activity was enlivened by the presence of five exhibition stands namely the application of Climatology in the Agriculture sector, Climatology in the Energy sector, Climatology in the Disaster sector, Climatology in the Tourism sector and Climatology in the Health sector.

"Student Showcase Climatology on Life aims to train students' problem-solving skills, innovative thinking and creativity in applying the knowledge that has been taught. In addition, this activity is also to introduce the science of climatology to a wider audience," said Bara, Applied Climatology MK practicum assistant.
Furthermore, he said, this Student Showcase activity for Applied Climatology Course was a concrete form of the creativity of applying climatology in various aspects of life. Starting from agriculture, health, tourism, disaster and energy.

"Hopefully, showcase activities like this can add insight and knowledge of climatology to students and visitors who come to this event," he added.
According to one of the visitors to the Student Showcase, Sifa Istiqomah, from this activity he gained new insights. Especially related to the implementation of climatology in various fields of life.
“This activity is very useful for me, who previously did not know anything about climate applications now I know, starting from the health, energy, agriculture, tourism and disaster sectors. We hope that such an event can be held again in the following years," he said. (*/Rz) (IAAS/Hap)

Published Date : 01-Jun-2023

Resource Person : Bara, Sifa Istiqomah

Keyword : IPB students, IPB Applied Meteorology students, student showcase, applied climatology courses