IPB University's Faculty of Animal Science Holds Poultry Operator Certification

Faculty of Animal Science (Fapet) IPB University holds Competency Certification for Poultry Hatching Egg Operators and Feed Mixers. This certification is intended for active students, fresh graduates and alumni of IPB University who are involved in the world of poultry farming.

The certification activity which was attended by 40 participants was a subsidy from the National Professional Certification Agency (BNSP) and was held in collaboration with the Faculty of Animal Husbandry IPB University and the Agribusiness Ambition Professional Certification Institute (LSP). The activity presented six assessors from LSP Agribusiness Ambition, four of whom were Education Laboratory Officers (PLP) at Fapet IPB University.

“A person is said to be an expert or competent in a certain field, there must be legal recognition. Competence is a slice of knowledge, skills and work attitudes. The subsidized Work Competency Certification Program (PSKK) from BNSP is an opportunity for students to participate in certification," explained Laeli Komalasari, SP, MSi, a hatching egg operator scheme assessor.

"The task of the assessor itself is to collect evidence consisting of direct evidence, namely by conducting demonstration tests and indirect evidence, namely written tests during the assessment," added PLP from the Poultry Division of the Department of Animal Production Science and Technology (IPTP) IPB University.
Muhammad Fakhrurozi, one of the participants in the hatching egg certification, admitted that the technical guidance (bimtek) plus the certification program was very good and useful for students.

"I think the IPB University Faculty of Animal Science Poultry Division has done well enough to run this program, the facilities provided are very complete. We were given technical guidance delivered by experts regarding hatching poultry eggs and were able to practice directly using appropriate tools for competency tests," said the batch 56 student from the Livestock Production Technology Study Program (Prodi) who is also an IPB University Ambassador representative from Fapet.

Another participant, Hafidz Muhammad Muhshi, was very grateful for the opportunity to certify a feed mixer operator. Hafidz reasoned that this needs to be obtained as a benchmark for the operator's ability to mix feed.

"With this certification we can also understand the operator's job if we become a boss. Hopefully there will be other certification activities or advanced levels and it can be held throughout the year," said the student of the Master's Program in Nutrition and Feed Science, Fapet IPB University. (Femmy/Rz) (IAAS/MFR)

Published Date : 09-Jun-2023

Resource Person : Laeli Komalasari, SP, MSi, Muhammad Fakhrurozi, Hafidz Muhammad Muhshi

Keyword : Poultry Operator Certification, Fapet IPB