IPB University Introduces the Faculty of Medicine Through an International Webinar, Discusses Agromaritime Challenges and Strengthens One Health Collaboration

IPB University will open a Faculty of Medicine (FK). In order to introduce FK IPB University to the general public as well as strengthen one health collaboration, the Directorate of Research and Innovation is holding an International Webinar 'Challenges of the Indonesian Agromaritime to Strengthen One Health Collaboration'.

Prof drh Srihadi Agung Priyono, Acting Person in Charge (Acting) Dean of FK IPB University said, FK IPB University will be multidisciplinary, agro-maritime based and prioritize one health. He said, this multidisciplinary concept recognizes the important role of agro-maritime not only for life and the economy, but also has an important impact on people's health and welfare.

"By designing a faculty based on this sector, we have taken a proactive step to address various challenges in the world of health and its relationship with the agro-maritime sector through one health collaborative efforts," he continued.

According to Prof Srihadi, this activity is IPB University's response to the challenges of revolution in the world of health. At the same time introducing FK IPB University to the general public. "This seminar is one of the achievements of IPB University which will open a medical faculty which is dedicated as a unit that focuses on agromaritime and health," he said.

Prof Arif Satria, Rector of IPB University also said in his remarks that the one health approach has become increasingly important in recent years. After the pandemic, the interaction between humans, animals and the environment has changed.

"With the importance of one health, we hope that this seminar can increase public awareness and understanding of health and agromaritime as well as introduce the Faculty of Medicine of IPB University," he concluded.

This activity invited Prof Shailey Prasad from the University of Minnesota who presented material regarding how to promote the one health approach in medical education, Prof Tjandra Yoga Aditama from YARSI University discussed one health at the G20 Indonesia Presidential and Dr. Dicky Budiman from Griffith University discussed intersections between agromaritime and one health for global health security. (MW) (IAAS/Res)

Published Date : 05-Jun-2023

Resource Person : Prof drh Srihadi Agung Priyono, Prof Arif Satria, Prof Shailey Prasad

Keyword : IPB University, Faculty of Medicine IPB, FK IPB, One Health, agromaritim