IPB University Establishes New Network Partners in NAFSA Annual Conference and EXPO 2023 in USA

IPB University participated in the NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo 2023 held on 30 May - 2 June 2023, in Washington DC with a number of universities in Indonesia, coordinated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. NAFSA is a non-profit association dedicated to international education and exchange programmes, which aims to advance world education through international cooperation to prepare a better future generation.

On that occasion IPB University connected with 15 universities from the United State of America (USA) and 7 universities from outside the USA. This special communication becomes the potential for cooperation to be established in the field of education and research.

In the field of education, IPB opens cooperation opportunities for student and lecturer mobility programmes. Student mobility can last from one month to six months, while lecturers can have a teaching mobility programme for one week to one year in the guest researcher programme.

In research, IPB University offers collaborations in research in the areas of forestry, agriculture, food technology and biotechnology, bioeconomics and international trade, integrated health, environmental science, blue carbon and coastal management, and economics and econometrics. These research collaborations can last from a few months to several years under a consortium or bilateral U-U co-operation. The output could be a joint publication. Funding can come from participating universities or through the Education Fund Management Agency (LPDP).

Director of Global Connectivity of IPB University, Dr Eva Anggraini stated, "This NAFSA event is a good means to open opportunities to meet with universities around the world, where we can exchange information and open up ample opportunities for cooperation".  The opportunity to participate in NAFSA this time is the first for IPB. In the future, it is expected that preparations can be made earlier and better. "We express our gratitude for the opportunity given by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology and the facilitation of the Atdikbud of the Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC," he said. (IAAS/RUM)

Published Date : 04-Jun-2023

Resource Person : Dr Eva Anggraini

Keyword : NAFSA, IPB global collaboration, IPB global connectivity