Himagizi IPB University Hosts Nutrition Care Indonesia, Accompanying 131 Nutrition Student Delegations throughout Indonesia

A total of 78 IPB University students who are members of the Nutrition Student Association (Himagizi) IPB University accompanied no less than 131 student delegates from 35 nutrition study programmes throughout Indonesia. This activity is a form of dedication of IPB University students through the Nutrition Care Indonesia (GPI) programme.

The programme was held in Purwasari Village, Dramaga District, Bogor Regency with the theme 'Local Food Diversification to Optimise Health and Nutrition of the Community'. This activity is a programme of the Indonesian Nutrition Student Association (Ilmagi) Community Development Division.

"After successfully winning the tenderisation, Himagizi IPB University opened recruitment for nutrition students as volunteers. We conducted pre-GPI mentoring for two days online before going to the field," said the Head of Himagizi IPB University, Keni Tyradh Megahandayani.

Attendees included the Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology (Fema) IPB University, Head of the Department of Community Nutrition IPB University, Head of Purwasari Village, National Food Agency, PT Ajinomoto and delegates from nutrition students throughout Indonesia.

"On the first day, the activities held were the opening and education of local food diversification material by the National Food Agency, salt wise education by Ajinomoto, local food cooking demonstrations for fish nuggets and purple sweet potato pasta," said Keni.

"In addition, there are Sigi or Nutrition Alert activities with the Bogor Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) and public kitchen management with IPB University Nutrition lecturers to simulate food handling after natural disasters," she continued.

On the second day, Keni explained, the community was invited to exercise together at Gebyar Olahraga. Students from SDN 01 Purwasari were also educated about balanced nutrition. The community was also given general health services.

"The response of the community and village heads was very enthusiastic to participate, especially because there was a micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) bazaar involving local residents and a folk party at night involving performances from residents and student delegates," she said.

"Hopefully, this activity can be a learning event for all nutrition students throughout Indonesia so that they can be better prepared to serve the country, because as nutritionists we have an important role in improving the quality of life and development of society from a nutritional perspective," she added.

Keni Tyradh hopes that the event can motivate all Indonesian nutrition students to never stop uniting and spreading benefits to the community. (MW/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)

Published Date : 09-Jun-2023

Resource Person : Keni Tyradh Megahandayani.

Keyword : Himagizi IPB, Gizi Peduli Indonesia, nutrition students