DPMA IPB University Ready to Ensure the Accomplishment of Kedaireka Ecosystem Programme 2023

The Directorate of Agromaritime Community Development (DPMA) of IPB University held a coordination meeting to prepare the Kedaireka 2023 Ecosystem Programme. The coordination meeting was attended by the Vice Rector of IPB University for Research, Innovation and Agromaritime Development as well as the Chairperson of the Kedaireka 2023 Ecosystem Programme Implementation Team, Prof Ernan Rustiadi.

Kedaireka itself is a solution in facilitating the collaboration of universities and the industrial world in innovating to meet the needs and help solve problems in society. Prof Ernan said that with Kedaireka's collaborative programme well known in universities and industry, it is important to know the extent to which Kedaireka has an impact.

"However, Kedaireka is already well known in higher education. But the question is to what extent has Kedaireka had an impact? Therefore, this year an impact assessment was held to see how positive the impact is and of course what needs to be improved. Because it is also important for us to be more objective," he continued.

Related to that, the Kedaireka Ecosystem Impact Study will be led by Dr rer pol Mohammad Iqbal Irfany, Assistant Director of Social Entrepreneurship DPMA IPB University and several experts and assistants. This study will measure the views, understanding, satisfaction and implementation of more concrete impacts and improvements that need to be made in the future by the Project Manager Office (PMO) team.

Prof Ernan again stated that it is also important for the Kedaireka team to be able to give a good impression to all parties, especially appreciation to the participants for their efforts in the pitching process. According to him, anyone who applies can still be appreciated, whether they pass the funding or not, so that they remain motivated and continue to innovate to solve existing problems. 

"When the process and implementation can go well, of course the next year Kedaireka will become an event that various parties look forward to," he added.

As the Head of PMO, Mahir Bayasut is also committed to making the Kedaireka Ecosystem Programme run well. In addition, he explained the success of Kedaireka's 2022 programmes. For example, the enthusiasm of hundreds of lecturers from across the island attended the Matchmaking Fund Forum, even paying for their own travel expenses. 

"Due to the enthusiasm and trust of industrial partners, there is a novelty from Kedaireka 2023, namely the Innovation Fund, where funding for proposals that pass the pitching at the Recapitch stage will be funded directly 100 per cent by the business world industry (DUDI)," he explained.

Mahir said that, in line with what Prof Ernan said, appreciation of the proposers is an important thing to do. In addition, the focus of improvement this year is the simplification of administration and other processes. This is because the company itself suggested that the administration and disbursement of funds could be easier. Partner companies also hope to get innovations that can answer the problems and needs of their industry.

Also present at the meeting were Dr Alim Setiawan, Vice Rector for Resource Resilience and Infrastructure and Dr Handian Purwawangsa as Director of PMA as well as Deputy Chairperson. Dr Alim also provided good news that IPB University received the Anugerah Merdeka Belajar award in the category of Higher Education Providing the Best Matching Fund Program. This certainly indicates the enthusiasm and seriousness of higher education people in the Kedaireka programme. (*/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)

Published Date : 05-Jun-2023

Resource Person : Prof Ernan Rustiadi, Mahir Bayasut

Keyword : DPMA IPB, Kedaireka 2023, Innovation Fund