IPB University SKHB Lecturers and IPB University Vocational School Students Castrate Stallion at Cipanas Presidential Palace

School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science (SKHB) IPB University along with Vocational School (SV) conducted castration of stallions at Cipanas Presidential Palace, Cisarua, Sunday (4/6). This horse castration activity is in order to follow up on the collaboration that has been carried out between SKHB IPB University and the Cipanas Presidential Palace. 

Attending the horse castration activities at this time were representatives from SKHB namely drh Budhy Jasa Widyananta, MSi and representatives from the Vocational School drh Surya Kusuma Wijaya, MSi and Vocational School students. 

The castration has been carried out on Burmese Horses (6 years) and Junior Horses (3 years). Castration aims to eliminate the reproductive ability of the stallions. In addition to being unable to mate, castration can control the behaviour of horses to be calm and easier to ride. 

Doctor Nanta, the nickname of drh Budhy Jasa Widyananta, MSi explained that the two horses that were castrated were still young so that it could reduce a lot of bleeding. Young horses will be more cooperative before anaesthesia, respond well to anaesthesia and wake up after surgery quite calm.

"During the surgery process there was no significant bleeding, no swelling and we will do regular monitoring. I hope the treatment after surgery can go well, the horses recover quickly and we can play again with the two horses," said the lecturer of surgery and radiology at SKHB IPB University. 

This collaboration covers three areas of the Tri dharma of higher education, namely education, research and community service. With this collaboration, it is hoped that both parties can synergise and benefit from each other so that they can continue to improve the quality of human resources and also the welfare of animals. (AP/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)

Published Date : 08-Jun-2023

Resource Person : drh Budhy Jasa Widyananta, MSi

Keyword : SKHB IPB, IPB Vocational School, IPB students, horse castration, Cipanas Presidential Palace