Student from Vocational School IPB University Introduce Biopori Infiltration Holes and Soil Fauna to Junior High School Students

IPB University Vocational School students from the Environmental Engineering and Management Study Program (Prodi) carry out a community service program by introducing biopore infiltration holes (LRB) and soil fauna to Bogor 5 State Junior High School (SMP) students, specifically intended for the Extracurricular Science Club.

This activity involved several IPB University Vocational School students including Rachel Gavrila HP, Amanda Azizatul Tsa Tsa, Muhamad Isra Anavhalis, Jasmine Ramadhanti and Muhammad Iqbal. As many as 30 students from SMP Negeri 5 Bogor from the Extracurricular Science Club actively participated in this activity. This project is supervised by a Lecturer in the Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation Course, Dr Beata Ratnawati.

Rachel Gavrila HP, one of the SV IPB University students involved said, the aim of this project is to introduce conservation efforts on critical land, one of which is by making Biopore Infiltration Holes (LRB). He also introduced the types of soil fauna found in the LRB.

"The presentation of the material is certainly made light and fun considering the age of the students at SMP Negeri 5 Bogor who are still young. One of the efforts to raise the enthusiasm of students is to play games related to the environment, showing videos, and even directly involved in making LRBs," said Rachel, some time ago.

Beside that, she said, the students from Vocational School IPB University also gave several quizzes at the end of the activity to find out students' understanding of participating in this activity. Some students also actively ask some questions to the students. 

"Some of the material provided includes an explanation of LRB and its functions, types of soil fauna, differences between macrofauna and macrofauna, the function of the existence of soil fauna. We certainly convey an invitation to continue to preserve the environment," she added.

This activity was received warmly and kindly by the teachers at SMP Negeri 5 Bogor, one of them is Yayuk. As a public relations officer for SMP Negeri 5 Bogor, Yayuk emphasized that activities like this would be very beneficial for students and for a sustainable environment.

In the same vein, Tatik as the Supervisor of the Extracurricular Science Club of SMP Negeri 5 Bogor admitted that he was impressed with the program held by IPB University Vocational School students.

“This activity is really very impressive. The students were also excited to take part in this activity from the beginning to the end. This activity will foster students creativity and sensitivity for actively protecting the environment, moreover this school has received an award as a Healthy School in 2019,” She said. (*/Rz) (IAAS/RZL)

Published Date : 30-May-2023

Resource Person : Rachel Gavrila HP, Tatik

Keyword : Vocational School Students IPB, Community Service, LRB, SMPN 5 Bogor, Vocational School IPB