IPB University Faculty of Human Ecology Alumni Share Stories of the Post-Campus World with Students

The Alumni Association (HA) of the Faculty of Human Ecology (Fema) IPB University held a Fema Alumni Class, (13/5), inviting speakers from Fema IPB University alumni, the event was attended by active students as an introduction to the post-campus world.

"We made this Alumni Class for various parties. First are students. Students can get knowledge from alumni regarding what the career world is like and how they can get to their current position. The next goal is for the alumni themselves as a medium for sharing with students," said the Chair of HA Fema IPB University, Rusdi Saleh SKPm.

Rusdi explained that the Fema Alumni Class is an annual event. In the future, HA Fema IPB University as the organizer will make this event structured. Events like this will be organized like mentoring or regular forums with more intensity.

"Hopefully an event like this can benefit those attending as participants, student organizations (ormawa) in need of sponsorships, and Fema IPB University students as a whole," he said.

He advised Fema IPB University students while they were still in college to hone more soft skills and participate in various activities, which will be their provision when entering the post-campus world.

Meanwhile, the alumnus of Fema IPB University Nazhif Gifari, SGz, MSi who was also the guest speaker, appreciated the Fema Alumni Class. According to him, the event provided information to prepare for the post-campus world.

“This event is very good, if it can be done regularly. This is only a seminar, but in the future, workshops can be held with topics such as making a curriculum vitae (CV), how to answer interview questions, as well as skills that may not be detailed in college. Through this event,  opportunities can be created, which can further be achieved if it is done optimally," said the nutritionist.

Apart from Nazhif Gifari, there were five other Fema IPB University alumni who shared their experiences. They include Anggi Mayang Sari (entrepreneur), Reza Maulana (Assistant Manager General Affairs and CSR of PT Mitsubishi Chemical), Eka Herdiana (Nutrition, Health and Wellness Manager Nestle), Erika Herry (Population and Family Planning Agency) and Herna Puspita (Senior Creative Rans Entertainment). (MHT) (IAAS/SND)

Published Date : 16-May-2023

Resource Person : Rusdi Saleh SKPm, Nazhif Gifari, SGz, MSi

Keyword : HA Fema IPB University, Fema, Fema Alumni