The Story Behind the Success of UTBK-SNBT at IPB University: Security, Electricity, Water, Transportation, and Health

After successfully carrying out the responsibility as one of the centers for implementation of the 2023 Computer-Based Writing Test-National Selection Based on Tests (UTBK-SNBT) Batch I last May 8–14, starting on May 22 to May 26, IPB University is holding UTBK-SNBT Batch II. The said exams were carried out on two campuses; Dramaga Campus of IPB and the Cilibende Campus of IPB. The total exam takers for Batch II were 6.247 participants, plus 80 relocation participants and 1 follow-up exam participant due to the accidents that happened to the person concerned.

The smooth running of the UTBK-SNBT at IPB University is inseparable from the support of all parties on campus, including security, electricity, water supply, transportation, and health care for all the exam takers. Several teams were assigned to supervise UTBK-SNBT, including 46 exam supervisors, 30 room technicians, 3 doctors, 4 paramedics, 15 cleaners, 50 security officers, 5 site managers, 8 site vice managers, 1 server admin, 2 electric car drivers, as well as coordinators, namely the coordinator of events and the coordinator of information, communication, and technology.

As the Supervisor of Campus Security and Discipline from the Directorate of Public and Infrastructure IPB University, Yusuf Mulyana Rahman, explained, as many as 50 security officers were deployed to guard each exam location, which spread over the two campus areas where the exam was held. Security officers, he continued, also coordinated with the local police regarding traffic around the IPB University campus.

"Security officers check the security at each exam location. We were ready at 05.30 a.m. For the Dramaga Campus location, we agreed to direct the participants to park their vehicle at Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW)," he said. Yusuf also ensured that his team had anticipated the accumulation of vehicles that would enter the campus location.

IPB University also provides health facilities to help UTBK-SNBT participants. This was stated by the Supervisor of Medical Services from the Medical Unit IPB University, Dr. Mimi Oktafia. "The polyclinic provides three beds with the services of one doctor per session and three nurses per day. Every morning and at 12 pm, we travel to each exam location by ambulance. For serious cases, such as accidents, we would immediately provide referrals to the nearest hospital," she said.

Furthermore, IPB University also provides 11 bus units and one electric car that can be used by UTBK participants and committees. One of the electric car freelance workers, Surahman, explained that the transportation services start operating from 06.00 to 18.00 WIB (West Indonesia Time). "So far, we have no problems. We always carry out periodic checks on buses and electric cars to see whether they are ready to be used or not," he said.

The supervisor of the water installation, Selamat Riyadi, mentioned that his party always ensures that water needs are fulfilled at each exam location. The supervisor of the electrical installation, Mamat Acep Suherman, added that IPB University is also collaborating with the State Electricity Company (PLN) regarding electricity security. "We checked all generators at each exam location. Hopefully, there will be no problems in the next few days so that all exam takers can follow and complete their exam smoothly and comfortably," he said. (IAAS/SNI)

Published Date : 22-May-2023

Resource Person : Yusuf Mulyana Rahman, Selamat Riyadi

Keyword : IPB University, UTBK-SNBT, UTBK atmosphere at IPB