Beating Hundreds of Teams, IPB Esports Team Wins 1st Place at Ika Unair Festival 2023

There is no end to making achievements, the IPB Esports Team is back to make the campus proud in the Esports branch, especially Mobile Legends. The IPB Spirit team won the final match and won 1st place against the Beast team with a final score of 2-1 in the 2023 Ika Unair Festival championship.

"Congratulations to the IPB Esport team who always excel and give pride to IPB University. Hopefully it can continue to be consistent. We are confident that students will be able to make many achievements for IPB University and Indonesia," said the Director of Student Affairs at IPB University, Dr Ujang Suwarna.

In the final match, the IPB Spirit team was able to dominate the match and fiercely beat the Beast team. The IPB Spirit team was led by Sholahudin Aditya Al Ayyubi along with four other members, namely Yoga Prima Dwi Prasetyo, Muhammad Ilham Febrian Lontaan, Muhammad Dhiaz Alfiansyah and Muhamad Razak Fanani Zuhri.

Rector of Airlangga University (Unair), Prof Mohammad Nasih congratulated the achievements of IPB University students in this event. According to him, these achievements are clear evidence that hard work and dedication can bring extraordinary results.

"I congratulate the IPB team. It's great enthusiasm to be able to win 1st place. They are great all the way from Bogor to Surabaya for this event. As Unair Rector, I am very proud of the achievements you have achieved," he said during the Awarding event at the Airlangga Convention Center recently.

He hopes that the IPB University student's victory will be the first step towards greater success. “Keep fighting, keep learning and never stop dreaming. Keep up the enthusiasm to achieve more dreams in the future, "he said.

Muh Faturokman, SPt, MSi as Assistant Director of Character Development, Student Organization, Sports and Student Arts, Directorate of Student Affairs IPB University added, this success is expected to be a motivation for students to continue to excel in the fields they are interested in.

IPB Team Enthusiasm to be the superior team of the IPB Esports Team, especially in the Mobile Legends championship. This score also shows the consistency of this team in every championship it often participates in. (*/Rz) (IAAS/Res)

Published Date : 03-May-2023

Resource Person : Dr Ujang Suwarna, Prof Mohammad Nasih, Muh Faturokman, SPt, MSi

Keyword : Ika Unair Festival 2023