A total of 61 Village Heads of Gianyar Regency Visited IPB University

The Regency Government (Pemkab) of Gianyar, Bali made a visit with 61 village heads. The village heads visited various facilities at IPB University, starting from the Agribusiness and Technology Park (ATP) to the cattle feedlot on Wednesday (25/5).

Dr Jaenal Effendi, Director of Collaboration at IPB University, revealed that there are three faculties that will together create a resilient village in terms of food. The three faculties are the Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences and the Faculty of Animal Science.

"All Gianyar village heads visiting IPB University are a form of seriousness in establishing cooperation in agriculture in a broad sense. The deans will later accompany the village heads so that food security can run well," said Dr Jaenal Effendi.

He hopes that this food security can start from cultivation, nurseries in various agricultural fields up to the packaging and marketing stages. IPB University will also hold campus tours and internship programs for students, to see Gianyar Regency’s potential.

"Hopefully this collaboration goes well. And we can evaluate what has been done later," he said.

Dewa Ngakan Ngurah Adi, Head of the Community and Village Empowerment Service (PMD) of Gianyar Regency explained that they were present at IPB University in the context of cooperative studies which he does routinely every year.

"The reason we chose IPB University as a place for cooperative studies is because first, we are interested in the existence of a collaboration (MoU) between the Gianyar Regency Government and IPB University. Second, our regent has a mission, namely to build productive, effective and independent agriculture. From this mission, the mission of PUSPA AMAN or the Independent Natural Food Center, Asri and Comfort, was developed, which was carried out in each village," he explained.

Third, he continued that the enthusiasm of village heads must be maintained, because this year Gianyar Regency is ranked first at the national level in budgeting village funds for village food security.

"I hope that in addition to village food security, this collaboration can also be continued with assistance, because for us practitioners we must be accompanied by academics. Practitioners without academics will be blind as well as academics without practitioners will be paralyzed," he concluded. (Lp/Rz) (IAAS/Hap)

Published Date : 26-May-2023

Resource Person : Dr Jaenal Effendi, Dewa Ngakan Ngurah Adi

Keyword : IPB cooperation, Gianyar Regency Government, Cooperative Studies