Two Winners of the Best IPB Outstanding Students 2023 Undergraduate and Diploma Levels Officially Inaugurated, Inviting Tears of Happiness

IPB University's great appreciation is given to outstanding students who have written their best work. The appreciation was given through the 2023 IPB Outstanding Student Award (Mapres) at Graha Widya Wisuda (12/3). The spirit of the champion in emotion was felt by the winners who were awarded the Mapres IPB 2023 trophy.

From the 16 Mapres at the undergraduate and diploma levels, the 1st winner at the diploma level was chosen, namely Volika Sinci Sari. The 1st winner for the undergraduate level was Azzahra Putri S. The overall winner for undergraduate and diploma levels was selected through a series of selections by the jury in an objective and transparent manner.

Vice Rector of IPB University for Education and Student Affairs, Prof drh Deni Noviana officially confirmed and pinned IPB 2023 outstanding students. "I leave a message that you are the best at the faculty and school level. Hopefully, soon we will be the best at the national level," he said. 

IPB University's Director of Student Affairs, Dr Ujang Suwarna said, IPB University had routinely prepared an intensive mapres coaching program from the department to school levels. From various series of programs, 16 Mawapres were selected at the IPB University level.

"The 16 outstanding students have undergone a coaching process at the IPB University level for two months up to the selection stage for English skills, superior achievements, and psychological tests," he said.

Apart from coaching and selection, IPB University equips the finalists through a bootcamp program, interviews, and presentations of creative ideas and innovative products. The next task that will be carried out is to represent IPB University as the best student at the national level.

"In our opinion, everyone has given their best, and those selected will be further fostered so that they can enter the selection at the West Java Province and national level from the undergraduate group and diploma group so that they can represent IPB University as the best," explained Dr Ujang.

He added IPB University has a long history for the past ten years never being separated from the top three mapres champions at the national level. This achievement is inseparable from the Outstanding Student College (Outsco) or Mapres School program for nine months. Mapres IPB University is fostered to become the best student. This program has been initiated by IPB University in 2019 and is now entering its 4th batch.

A total of 16 selected mapres include Adelia Miranda (Faculty of Agriculture), Entity Nur Layla (School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences), Alik Ramadani (Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science), Alfiandri (Faculty of Animal Science), Azzahra Putri Santi (Faculty of Forestry and Environment), Brayen Ariel dan Nurwahid Dimas Saputro (Faculty of Agricultural Technology), Muhammad Ficky Haris Ardiansyah (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), Dydan Muhammad Al Basith (Faculty of Economics and Management), Annisa Lestari (Faculty of Human Ecology), Sofiani Anamy dan Andi Mahatir (School of Business). Meanwhile from the Vocational School namely Amira Ferial, Siti Patimah Zahro Maulani, Volika Sinci Sari dan Rahma Audrey Zamil. (MW/Rz) (IAAS/RZL)

Published Date : 13-Mar-2023

Resource Person : Prof drh Deni Noviana, Dr Ujang Suwarna

Keyword : IPB University outstanding students, Selection of IPB Outstanding Students 2023, IPB Achievements