Six IPB University Students Won 1st Place in the Marketeer Innovation Challenge

IPB University is proud again because six of its students have just won the Marketeers Innovation Challenge 2023. A business case competition that challenges students from all over Indonesia to be able to create innovations. The six students are Nidyati (Business School), Resha (Business School), Azzahra Nabilla Syafira (Business School), Arlan Nugraha (Management Department), Frans (Management Department), and Dion Naldiza Giovano Alfi (Department of Economics).

They managed to earn 1st place with a fairly high score (84,875) above other teams from Gadjah Mada University and Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

Before successfully advancing to the grand finals, they must first compete in the preliminary stage. "So at the preliminary stage, we also completed a case related to brand innovation from Antam precious metals. At that stage, we won second place and managed to advance to the final," explained Arlan as the team leader.

In the final round held at Graha Pertamina Gambir (6/3), they presented the results of their innovations in front of Pertamina officials and also CEO Marketeers. In this competition, they were challenged to make proposals, decks, and prototypes. Not only that, they are also required to create a business model innovation for Pertamina.

"When we were going to make the final presentation, we had doubts. We were asked three times, from which university and with what major. They also asked if we did everything ourselves, from proposals to presentations," said Arlan.

These six students wrote "The Next Level Strategy: Strategies to Improve the Business Performance of Pertamina's Public Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (SPBKLU) through Business Model Innovation". The strategies they create are end-to-end, from supply chain to marketing. They also make implementation plans, financial projections, and risk mitigation plans based on the given strategies.

"The judges were very amazed by the innovation strategy we provided. According to them, we managed to find the root of the problem and answer it well," said Resha.

Although they are all still students, this is not a barrier to their being able to innovate and provide solutions to the problems faced by Pertamina.

They also hope that this will provide momentum for other IPB University students to be confident in competing in business competitions. Especially when you have to compete with other students from well-known universities in Indonesia.
The complementary composition of the team, supported by cooperation and training, is the key that makes them consistently provide the best results throughout the race. (*/Zul) (IAAS/MZS)

Published Date : 10-Mar-2023

Resource Person : Arlan Nugraha

Keyword : IPB University, Student IPB, IPB Student Achievement