Prof Katrin Roosita: Galohgor, Increase Breast Milk Production to Antidiabet

Professor of the Faculty of Human Ecology (Fema), IPB University Prof Katrin Roosita, said that traditional herbal medicine galohgor is efficacious for increasing the production of breast milk (ASI) to anti-diabetes mellitus. This was conveyed in the Press Conference of Pre Scientific Oration of Permanent Professor of IPB University, (16/3).

In her research, Prof Katrin scientifically proved the efficacy of galohgor herbal medicine. She developed traditional galohgor herbal medicine into a nutrasetical product to improve the nutritional status and health of mothers and babies.

"To be able to produce breast milk according to the needs of the baby, in addition to psychological and physiological support, complete and balanced nutritional adequacy is an important factor that needs to be considered. Nutrasetikal galohgor contains beta-carotene, a provitamin A compound that can be metabolized (in the body) into retinoic acid," she explained.

In her opinion, beta-carotene regulates cell growth and forms gap junctions between cells. Gap junctions are important structures in maintaining optimal tissue function in the mammary glands that produce breast milk.

"The role of gap junctions is also related to the benefits of beta-carotene in cancer prevention. This is because a good gap junction structure can increase the ability of cells and tissues to prevent the development of cancer cells that grow uncontrollably," she said.

She added that galohgor also contains antioxidant source nutrients that can reduce oxidative stress in breastfeeding mothers. Controlling oxidative stress in postpartum mothers is very important, so that inflammatory conditions can recover immediately, normal metabolism and healthy fit.

"Breastfeeding mothers who consume galohgor nutrasetical cookies, the volume and lactose content of their breast milk increases," she said.

To increase the acceptability of galohgor nutrasetikal, she continued, product development has been carried out such as galohgor honey, nutrilactation powder drinks, peanut butter and nutrilactation cookies. Nutrasetikal galohgor also has antidiabet properties, so the product development of nutradiabet powder drink was carried out.

"The downstreaming of galohgor nutrasetical products can be carried out with the support of various parties, including the Center for Business Incubator and Entrepreneurship Development (Incubie), the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University and the National Amil Zakat Institution (Laznas) Bank Syariah Mandiri and PT Biofarindo. For nutridiabet, the hilirisasinya received support from PT Biocon Natural Indonesia and funding from the Science and Technology Area Institute (LKST) of IPB University," she said. (Zul) (IAAS/NVA)

Published Date : 16-Mar-2023

Resource Person : Prof Katrin Roosita

Keyword : Galohgor, Professor, IPB University