IPB University Alumni Become an Indonesian Language Teaching Assistant for Foreign Speakers

Risky Sherly Putri, an alumnus of IPB University who is a member of the Pondok Inspiration had the opportunity to become an Indonesian Language Practitioners for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) through collaboration with Our Language and Pondok Inspiration. This opportunity was obtained when Our Language and Pondok Inspiration held an online class for foreign speakers in Indonesian language in Perth, Australia, some time ago.
We must know that Our Language is an Indonesian learning platform for foreign speakers who collaborate with Pondok Inspiration to popularize Indonesian language internationally.
This class was held to enrich foreign speakers' insights about vocabulary in Indonesian. Uniquely, the addition of new Indonesian vocabulary was delivered through a story from one of the Indonesian heroes, Raden Adjeng Kartini.
Wieke Gur also attended this meeting as the founder of Our Language as well as an activist for Indonesian Language prestige in Indonesia and the world. Also present were Omar Danishwara from Indonesian Practitioners for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) with 13 -years of teaching experience to foreign speakers from 20 different countries. Listiana Operananta, as the Indonesian Consulate General in Perth and six foreign speakers also attended to participate in this class.
"For foreign speakers who learn Indonesian, hopefully they enjoy the language, become more fluent and visit Indonesia more often. Later you can order your own food when visiting a shop or in a restaurant in Indonesian," said Listiana Consulate General of Indonesia when sharing in the class.
The class was interactive and memorable. All participants present to interact with each other and try to provide questions and answers in Indonesian that are good and correct. Omar Danishwara as an Indonesian lecturer and practitioner, also gave his impression during the class.
"It's been almost a year since the last time I taught Indonesian to foreign speakers directly, usually when training. Finally now I have the opportunity to return to teaching Indonesian for foreign speakers, "he said.
At the end of the session, Sherly as a teacher assistant as well as the coordinator of Our Language writer, said that it was necessary to build confidence when learning foreign languages, as did foreign speakers when learning Indonesian.
In addition to this activity, Sherly will match Omar as an Indonesian Language Practitioner for Foreign Speakers in the next online class or offline at the Student Awards Night Perth, Australia, which will be held on April 27, 2023. (*/Zul) (IAAS/BKU)


Published Date : 17-Mar-2023

Resource Person : Listiana, Risky Sherly Putri

Keyword : IPB University, Our Language, Pondok Inspiration