This is Samara, the First Crab Feed in the Form of Pellets, Created by IPB University Students

A team of IPB University students developed Samara, a special pellet for crab farming. In the National Student Scientific Week (Pimnas) at the end of 2022, the Samara Team won a silver medal.
The development of Samara is part of the Student Creativity Program-Entrepreneurship (PKMK) of IPB University. The Samara team consists of Salsabila Shafiyah Putri, Abdullah Tsaqif Attaqiy, Rafli Arya Fahrezi, Audia Anjani, Nur Afra Nabilla with the supervisor, Dudi Muhammad Wildan, SPi, MSi, Lecturer of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK). 
"Samara products are unique. Samara is the first crab feed product in the form of practical pellets with stable nutritional content and has been adjusted to the needs of crabs. In addition, Samara is also durable in water and uses the main ingredients of tofu waste, green mussel shells and maggot. Samara is also a novel product and provides a solution to farmers in increasing their crab productivity," he explained.
Regarding the Pimnas event, Salsabila and the team admitted that they had gone through a long process. In the process, Salsabila collaborated with students and lecturers from various departments or faculties/schools at IPB University.
"The collaboration makes us have different thinking patterns to make a goal in the future. In addition, we can also collaborate with lecturers, especially accompanying lecturers in realizing our ideas. In addition to gaining relationships through collaboration, we also learn to be confident, creative and innovative," he said. 
"Every day before Pimnas, we always gather to discuss until late at night. We want the process we have gone through to pay off with the targets we have made before. I am very grateful that Samara can get silver and in accordance with the process that has been passed before," he added. 
She hopes that Samara can be produced and cooperate with other parties so that it can be mass-marketed. "And hopefully we can continue to collaborate with each other by creating other innovations," he said. (dh/Zul) (IAAS/FPS)

Published Date : 04-Jan-2023

Resource Person : Salsabila Shafiyah Putri

Keyword : IPB University, Samara, Pimnas