Prof Arif Satria Describes Leadership Ambition for the Next Five Years as Rector of IPB University for the 2023-2028 Period

On January 18, 2023 at Grha Widya Wisuda (GWW) Dramaga Campus, Bogor, an Open Plenary Session of the Board of Trustees (MWA) IPB University was held with the agenda of Inaugurating the Rector of IPB University for the 2023-2028 period. Prof. Arif Satria was elected Rector of IPB University for the 2023-2028 period. Prof. Arif Satria became the elected Rector based on the decision of the MWA IPB University in the Closed Plenary Session which was held at the IPB International Convention Center (IICC), Bogor, (9/11). This is Prof Arif Satria's second term as Rector of IPB University.

"To the Board of Trustees of IPB, thank you for the trust that has been given to me to continue the leadership of IPB University in 2023-2028," said Prof. Arif Satria. Prof. Arif Satria conveyed what IPB University would further aspire to with the title "IPB 5.0: Resilient, Transformative and Sustainable." This is motivated by the existence of global challenges, namely mega disruptions including climate change, industrial revolution 4.0, the COVID -19 pandemic, as well as conflicts and wars.

To deal with this, IPB University has a vision of becoming an innovative and resilient university for the sake of the nation's sustainable progress. The long-term vision of IPB University for 2019-2045 is to become a Techno Socio Entrepreneurial University that is at the forefront of strengthening national dignity through superior higher education at the global level in the fields of agriculture, marine and tropical biosciences.

"IPB University already has advantages in research and innovation. Therefore, when research and innovation are coupled with entrepreneurship, if you have goals in a business context, you will become a technopreneurial university. Meanwhile, if we have a social goal, then to become a sociopreneur university, then IPB University chooses both so that business and social can go hand in hand to become a techno-socio preneurial university," explained Prof. Arif.

Thus the graduate profiles that IPB University wants to form are technopreneurs and sociopreneurs. “A technopreneur is someone who can utilize science and technology and innovation for industrial, economic and equity growth. Meanwhile, a sociopreneur is someone who utilizes innovation to transform society through assisting farmers, fishermen, breeders, and the general public," he explained.

He said that IPB University is present for Indonesia and the world. "Thank you for the cooperation and collaboration of all of us who have made us both great. To rule the world we must have big dreams because dreams are free. So dream when we are awake and don't dream when we sleep. Dreams will make us persistent and this is our way to carve out our destiny," he concluded. (SMH) (IAAS/GLE)

Published Date : 18-Jan-2023

Resource Person : Prof Arif Satria

Keyword : IPB, IPB Campus, Innovation Campus