Establish Collaboration, IPB University Hands Over 200M Funds to the Indonesian Waqf Board

IPB University entered into a collaboration agreement with the Indonesian Waqf Board (BWI), (22/9). The collaboration agreement relates to the management of investment funds from IPB University and the Endowment Fund of IPB University in the Sukuk Waqf Private Placement Instrument. The signing of the collaboration agreement was carried out by the Rector of IPB University, Prof. Arif Satria and the Chairman of BWI, Prof. Mohammad Nuh.

Through this Sukuk Waqf Private Placement scheme, IPB University handed over a term cash waqf to be managed by BWI worth IDR 200 billion. This is intended for use in supporting the implementation of the tri dharma activities of higher education at IPB University in the fields of education, research and community service.

Prof. Mohammad Nuh in his speech felt grateful to be able to collaborate with IPB University. According to him, the most expensive thing is to open the mindset in recognizing the term waqf. He hopes that the steps taken by IPB University can make the public get to know waqf.

"There is nothing more that I can convey other than gratitude and gratitude to IPB University, especially Prof. Arif Satria as a very extraordinary initiative maker," he explained in his opening remarks.

Furthermore, he said, waqf is not only a ukhrawi affair. But there is also a productive business count. This agreement, he said, proved that IPB University gave extraordinary trust to BWI to participate in managing waqf.

Prof. Arif Satria welcomed the presence of Prof. Mohammad Nuh and his staff who were present at IPB University. The Chancellor said that with the presence of BWI, this waqf literacy would be better. Because waqf is one of the things that becomes awareness.

“Currently, IPB University already has a number of various waqf. Such as waqf of burial ground. There are also waqf water stations or clean water, productive livestock waqf to waqf with insurance companies. IPB University is also currently developing rice field waqf to be managed and the proceeds will be reinvested," said Prof. Arif.

The Rectpr of IPB University added, "God willing, we will further develop this variety of waqf. So that with the existence of BWI, people do not interpret this waqf in a narrow sense. Once again I thank Mr. Noah who continues to inspire and encourage. May this be a blessing for all of us," he concluded. (Lp/Rz)

Published Date : 22-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Prof Mohammad Nuh, Prof Arif Satria

Keyword : IPB Waqf, Indonesian Waqf Agency, IPB Endowment Fund