IPB University Facilitates Computer-Based Written Selection for Prospective PPK Members in the 2024 Election

IPB University facilitates a written selection for prospective members of the District Election Committee (PPK) in the 2024 General Election (Pemilu). The selection is carried out using a Computer Assisted Test (CAT), located at the Dramaga Campus of IPB, Bogor.

The activity which lasted for two days (6-7/12) was held in five locations managed by the Directorate of Information Systems and Digital Transformation (DSITD). The five locations are the 2nd floor Computer Laboratory Building Computer Center (GPK), Hall B Computer Lab and Cassava Computer Lab Rooms A, B and C.

Assistant Director of Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure DSTID IPB University, Dr Shelvie Nidya Neyman who is also deputy chairman of the committee stated that this activity was attended by 945 examinees from 40 sub-districts in Bogor Regency.

"In this activity, IPB University as the facilitator for the implementation of the CAT, prepared the test room, server equipment, computer equipment for participants and application installation to be used," she said.
Dr Shelvie said, the CAT exam was carried out with a duration of 90 minutes per session. Within this duration, participants must answer a total of 75 questions, covering national knowledge, basic competence and electoral knowledge.
"The exam is divided into three sessions, namely the first session at 07.30 - 10.00 WIB, the second session at 10.00 - 12.30 WIB and the third session at 13.00 - 15.30 WIB," she added.

Regarding the choice of IPB University as the campus that facilitates the implementation of this exam, the Director of Information System and Digital Transformation of IPB University who is also the Chair of the Committee, Ir Julio Adisantoso, M.Kom. said, "IPB expresses its gratitude for the trust given by the Bogor Regency KPU, and also appreciates all implementers in the field so that the implementation of CAT runs smoothly," he said.

The KPU of West Java Province also expressed appreciation to IPB University for all the services and facilities provided. The CAT location at IPB University was stated to be the best and smoothest compared to other CAT locations in West Java Province.

The Secretary of the Institute as the Person in Charge of this activity, Dr Aceng Hidayat also appreciated the implementation of the CAT, "Thank you to the KPK for involving IPB University. We feel proud to be a part of this process. Once again. Thank you," he stressed. (*)

Published Date : 08-Dec-2022

Resource Person : Julio Adisantoso, M.Kom, Dr Shelvie Nidya Neyman

Keyword : IPB University, KPU, CAT, PPK