IPB University Invites Prospective Graduates to Maintain Integrity

Integrity is a value that must be possessed by prospective employees if they want to have a brilliant career. Therefore, IPB University through Career Development and Assessment (CDA) is holding a general career-debriefing studium for prospective graduates of the IPB University Bachelor program stage 2 for the 2022/2023 Academic Year, (6/12). This event was held online through Zoom Meeting and YouTube CDA IPB Career Studio.

The material presentation and discussion session was guided by Nur Fajri Rahmawati, SP, CRS, Senior Manager Recruitment and Training CDA IPB University and presented Deputy for Education and Community Participation of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Dr Wawan Wardiana as a resource person.

He revealed that Indonesia's Corruption Perception Index (GPA) was still low.
"Based on data from Transparency International Indonesia (TII), Indonesia gets a score of 38. This score is low when compared to Singapore and several countries in the ASEAN region. If the score is close to 100, then the vulnerability to corruption in that country is low. Conversely, if it is close to 0, the vulnerability is high," he said.

Dr Wawan explained, someone could commit corruption due to several things such as pressure, opportunity, arrogance and justification for the actions taken. "Regardless of its type, corruption has a detrimental impact on oneself and others. Therefore, it is important to maintain integrity from an early age," he emphasized.

In an effort to eradicate corruption, the KPK introduced nine anti-corruption values which are shortened to "Friday Cycling KK" (Honest, Independent, Responsible, Courageous, Modest, Caring, Discipline, Fair, and Hard Work). Dr Wawan hopes that these values can be practiced by prospective graduates of IPB University in the world of work.

"Knowing corruption does not mean willing to corruption. The hope is that prospective IPB University graduates will be able to contribute to increasing Indonesia's GPA. Your career will be good if there is a will to improve competence and maintain integrity and loyalty," he said.

The second speaker, Indra Sugiarto, MM, also conveyed the same thing. The IPB University Chemistry alumnus who is also the Founder and CEO of PT Masuk Kampus also explained that emotional intelligence (EQ) is also needed by someone to maintain integrity in the world of work.

"There are five EQ keys, namely self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills, empathy, and motivation," he added.
According to him, without good self-awareness at work, one can easily do things that are detrimental to oneself and even others, for example cheating and even corruption.

“Integrity is about being consistent. A person with integrity is demonstrated by being honest, responsible and committed on an ongoing basis. It is important for us to show capability and responsibility in carrying out the assigned tasks. This shows our integrity and loyalty at work," he concluded. (*)

Published Date : 07-Dec-2022

Resource Person : Nur Fajri Rahmawati, SP, CRS, Dr Wawan

Keyword : Prospective Graduates, Integrity, IPB University, Studium General