IPB University Student Created Sunsea, A Reef-Safe Sunscreen Made from Kersen (Muntingia calabura) Leaf Extract and Tengkawang Butter

IPB University Students from Entrepreneurship Creativity Program (PKM-K) Student Team developed ‘Sunsea’, a sunscreen innovation that not only shields skin from the damaging effects of sunshine but also helps to stop coral bleaching from harming coral reefs. Extract from kersen (Muntingia calabura) leaves and Tengkawang butter are the substitute raw materials utilised.

“Did you know that many sunscreens on the market contain harmful ingredients for the marine environment, especially coral reefs? These hazardous materials are known as oxybenzone and octinoxate," said Elsa as the head of Sunsea's PKM-K team.

According to her, oxybenzone may increase the likelihood that significant amounts of zooxanthellae may leave the coral reef, which might hinder coral reproduction. The coral population will eventually continue to decline due to this situation.

"Based on research results, it is known that kersen leaf ethanol extract has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 20 which is able to protect the skin from sunlight. Meanwhile, Tengkawang butter is known to have benefits that can moisturize the skin," Elsa as the head of the Sunsea PKM-K team explained.

She said, the raw materials used in the manufacturing process of Sunsea are natural resources in Indonesia. Kersen is a plant that is easy to find in the surrounding environment, while Tengkawang is a plant endemic to West Kalimantan.

"Apart from having advantages in terms of raw materials, Sunsea also supports the Blue Beauty Movement or the movement not to use beauty or skin care products that contain chemicals harmful to the marine environment," she added.

The Sunsea team consists of various scientific fields chaired by Elsa Nurfadilla with members Primanisa Nurgravisi, Andini Setiangsih, Desy Yusvita Sari and Luqiana Rizky.

“We use raw materials that have beneficial ingredients for the skin. Kersen contains secondary metabolite compounds that can function as antioxidants as well as have sunscreen activity derived from relatively large total flavonoids and phenolics," said Elsa.

She expects that Sunsea can continue to expand its market reach with its innovations. This makes it possible to further promote the goals of skin protection and coral reef preservation.

"We hope that Sunsea can become a skin care product that is not only focused on consumers but also contributes to efforts to prevent the preservation of coral reefs," she concluded. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 09-Nov-2022

Resource Person : Elsa

Keyword : IPB Student Innovation, Sunsea, Sunscreen