IPB University Lecturer Teaches How To Make Algae Cookies Based on Spirulina Platensis and Euchema Cotonii in Lingkar Kampus Villages

IPB University through its Regular Serving Lecturer activities, provides opportunities for lecturers to carry out community service activities, especially in the area around the campus. One of the villages that has become the main concern is Babakan Village, the village closest to the Dramaga IPB Campus, Bogor.

The dedication activity was driven by IPB University lecturers from the Department of Aquatic Product Technology (THP), Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science (FPIK) including Prof. Iriani Setyaningsih, Dr. Kustiariyah, Dr. Safrina DH, Rizfi Fariz Pari, MSi, Prof. Uju, Prof. Tati Nurhayati , and Dr. Wahyu Ramadhan and involved five students.

“Villages around the campus certainly really need touch and support. It is hoped that this program can solve various problem points in fishery product processing activities, one of which is the lack of innovation in fishery products on the market today," said Prof. Iriani Setyaningsih some time ago.

On this occasion, the Servant Lecturer team provided training on making Algae Cookies with the basic ingredients Spirulina Platensis and Euchema Cotonii to business activists and housewives. So far, Spirulina and Eucheuma seaweed are types of algae that have not been widely used.

“Eucheuma seaweed is usually sold in its raw form, while spirulina is sold in the form of supplement tablets or masks. "This algae can also be used for nutritional fortification of food products as a form of new product innovation," Prof. Iriani explained.

In full, the training material was delivered by Prof. Iriani Setyaningsih (introduction to Spirulina platensis and types of algae), Prof. Uju (Counseling on business establishment and initiation), Dr. Wahyu Ramadhan (Increasing knowledge of innovative product packaging), Rizfi FP, MSi (product marketing ) and Dr. Kustiariyah (making Spirulina platensi cookies and seaweed).

"Innovative products that are produced have a great opportunity to become unique products, have a selling value and become healthy processed food. Spirulina platensis and Euchema cotonii Cookies products are very feasible to be developed in this Babakan Village" said Dr. Kustiariyah.

He continued, saying that this activity was expected to be a trigger for entrepreneurship activities in the village environment around the campus. Later, after this activity, it is hoped that it will be able to encourage the Babakan region to become an area for the development of innovative products developed by IPB University researchers.

"Thus, the Serving Lecturer program can open new jobs and reduce unemployment as well as be able to raise regional potential and form a new city branding," he concluded. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 09-Nov-2022

Resource Person : Prof Iriani Setyaningsih

Keyword : Algae Cookies, Regular Serving Lecturer, Lingkar Kampus Villages