The Efforts of IPB University Faculty of Animal Science Lecturers to Prepare Cows for Successful Mating

If humans need preparation before marriage, cows also need to be prepared for successful mating. The preparation of the cows for mating was carried out by three IPB University lecturers from the Faculty of Animal Science (Fapet) for breeders in Nanggung District, Bogor Regency, West Java.


The three lecturers are Edit Lesa Aditia, SPt, MSc, Dr Iwan Prihantoro and chaired by M Baihaqi, SPt, MSc. This activity is part of community service through the 2022 Regular Serving Lecturer program organized by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) IPB University.


"Efforts to increase the readiness of female cows are carried out through training to identify productive females and improve the quality of feed for cows ready to mate by involving IPB University students, both undergraduate and postgraduate programs," said M Baihaqi.


The IPB Serving Lecturer Team then examined the reproductive tract of the female cows through palpation of their reproductive tract to identify their quality. From the program, it is known that several female cows owned by the community are cows that need to be made various efforts to increase their mating readiness.


"Efforts are being made to improve the performance of the body condition score (BCS) by improving the feed for female cows to prepare for the mating period. In the IPB Serving Lecturer program, a number of feeds and various multivitamins are given to farmers to support the readiness of cows for mating," he added.


According to M Baihaqi, the Regular Serving Lecturer program is a continuation of the Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) that was agreed between IPB University and farmer partners in Nanggung District.


Through this program, he continued, IPB University tries to find solutions to problems that exist in farmers by trying to identify the main problem and present a solution. This program will continue to monitor the female cows to make sure they are ready to mate and are successful in getting pregnant, he said.


In line with this, the breeders really appreciate the efforts made by IPB University in helping to overcome the problems they face. Abi Saminan, one of the breeders, revealed that previously they only tried to solve the problem by trial and error on their own without a mentor.


“However, after there was a collaboration with IPB University, thank God there was guidance and slowly the problems we were facing found solutions. Thank you to the IPB University team who always accompany us," continued Abi Saminan as the head of the farmer group. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 19-Oct-2022

Resource Person : Edit Lesa Aditia, SPt, MSc, Dr Iwan Prihantoro, M Baihaqi, SPt, MSc

Keyword : IPB Lecturer Serving, Preparation for Mating Cows, Nanggung District