IPB University Graduate School Introduces Indonesian Culture to Developing Country Partnership Students

The Graduate School (SPs) of IPB University introduced Indonesian culture to students from the Developing Country Partnership (KNB) scholarship program (15-17/10). These activities were carried out in Bali including at Taman Ayun Temple, Subak Museum, Tanah Lot Temple, Barong Dance, Panglipuran Traditional Village, Las Harum Agroedutourism and Melasti Beach Ungasan. There were 12 students and representatives from SPs IPB University education staff who took part in this activity.


The KNB Scholarship is a scholarship program by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbud Ristek). This scholarship aims to improve the quality and international reputation of Indonesian higher education. KNB scholarships are offered to foreign nationals from developing countries who have academic potential and have an interest in studying at universities in Indonesia. IPB University is one of the reputable universities (PT) in Indonesia that has been mandated to run this program.


Rudi Irawan, SP, MSi as the Head of Administration of SPs IPB University said that this KNB program could be a catalyst for positive change to prepare universities to compete and be involved in the world of international education. "This KNB scholarship will certainly contribute to the development of human resources (HR) in developing countries where these foreign students come from," he said.


He added that KNB students in the first year are required to take part in the Indonesian language program as a provision to take part in master's and doctoral programs in the SPs IPB University study program. “In addition to the academic program, KNB students are also given an introduction to Indonesian culture in the second year. The goal is for them to understand the cultures that exist in Indonesia,” he explained.


Meanwhile Fatmasari Siregar, SP, MM, Head of Sub Division of Public Relations, Collaboration and New Student Admission (PMB) said that the introduction of Indonesian Culture is very important because it can be a medium for promoting Indonesian culture in the international sphere.


She explained that foreign nationals from the KNB program would certainly contribute to the positive dynamics and cross-cultural interactions between the Indonesian academic community and international students. "With the KNB program, one of them can improve the quality of education and rank universities in the World University Rankings," she said. (HBL/Zul)

Published Date : 19-Oct-2022

Resource Person : Rudi Irawan, SP, MSi, Rudi Irawan, SP, MSi

Keyword : IPB University, Graduate School, KNB Scholarship