LPPM IPB University Declaration of the 63rd IPB-1111 SPR in Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra

The Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM) IPB University team visited Muara Enim Regency in the context of the declaration of the People's Animal Science School (SPR) IPB-1111, 14/10. The activity took place at the Talang Taling Village Hall, Gelumbang District, Muara Enim Regency, South Sumatra.


The SPR declaration was echoed by smallholder farmers and organized by the Department of Food Crops, Horticulture and Livestock (TPHP) Muara Enim Regency with the name SPR Serasan Serumpun Gelumbang.


The activity was attended by the SPR team of LPPM IPB University, namely Prof. Muladno (initiator of SPR), Prof. drh Agik Suprayogi (Head of the Organizing Unit/UP), Dr. Indah Wijayanti (Secretary of UP) and Jeffry Setiawan, SSi (LPPM staff).


“SPR Serasan Serumpun Gelumbang is the 4th SPR established by LPPM IPB University in Muara Enim Regency. Previously in 2015, 3 SPRs were also established here. At this time we should be proud that LPPM IPB University has built the 63rd SPR of all SPRs in Indonesia," said Prof Agik Suprayogi.


Also present was the Head of the TPHP Kab. Muara Enim, Ulil Amri, MM, Head of Gelumbang Sub-district, Head of Talang Taling Village, Head of Animal Science Department at Sriwijaya University (Unsri), representatives of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and farmers in Muara Enim.


The initiator of SPR IPB University, Prof. Muladno said, “The spirit of SPR is learning. The IPB University campus in this case has knowledge and knowledge. Meanwhile, the breeders have practical skills. Therefore, the spirit must be mutual cooperation and collaboration to improve the knowledge of the breeders and improve their welfare.”


He added, in order to achieve the welfare of the breeders, there needs to be collaboration and synergy between universities, the government and the private sector. Therefore, he appreciates the commitment of the Muara Enim Regency Government, in this case as parents who have the passion to send their community (breeders) to school through SPR on the IPB University Campus.


With the formation of the 4th IPB SPR, the Head of the TPHP Kab. Muara Enim, Ulil Amri, MM hope that livestock development in Muara Enim Regency can be more advanced (modern). In addition, there will also be an increase in the health status of livestock and high productivity.


"Given that at this time we are still grieving due to the mouth and nail disease (FMD) outbreak. Thank you to IPB University who has always been consistent since 2015 until now to help the department in the development of livestock in this region," he said.


Prof. Agik said, in the near future, LPPM IPB University will immediately carry out technical training activities for good livestock and institutional strengthening. In its implementation, the training will coordinate with lecturers from Unsri to be present in the field together.


"This is so that the Serasan Serumpun Gelumbang SPR breeders immediately increase their livestock and institutional capacity, following their seniors in 3 other IPB SPRs in Muara Enim District, Gunung Megang District and Rambang Dangku District to immediately graduate and graduate. With the increase in IPB-1111 SPR, it is hoped that IPB University's role in building the world of animal science in Indonesia will be more real," he concluded. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 19-Oct-2022

Resource Person : Prof drh Agik Suprayogi

Keyword : People's Animal Science School, SPR IPB, Muara Enim