Implementation of Community Service: IPB University Lecturers Celebrate Children's Cheerful Day with the Ananda Community

The Lecturer Service Program led by Zessy Ardinal Barlan, MSi, IPB University lecturer from the Department of Communication Science and Community Development (SKPM), Faculty of Human Ecology (Fema) succeeded in involving 25 participants in a Parenting Seminar entitled "Education of Healthy and Nutritious Food for Children and Toddler".


“This activity aims to increase parental literacy about the importance of paying attention to intake and nutrition for children's growth and development. The activity presented Harumi Aini, a parenting activist as well as a content creator," said Zessy.


On the same occasion, Intan Jovitri as the founder of the Ananda Community welcomed the Lecturer Serving program. Her party is committed to continuing cooperation as a partner of IPB University in empowering women around the campus.


"We hope that this community service activity has sustainability as a forum for empowerment in an effort to increase the capacity and productivity of women, both in the productive and reproductive realms," said Intan.


"This is in line with the vision of the community as a non-profit organization that has the goal of helping members and the surrounding community to create independent families," she added.


In addition to seminars and talk shows featuring experts, this activity was followed by a cooking demonstration with Chef Yadi from Regal Springs. In this activity, the participants were given the opportunity to witness firsthand a tutorial on how to cook nutritious food as an effort to improve the skills of mothers in serving the best food for their children.


On the same day, activities were not only intended for parents but also children through coloring competitions which were divided into two categories, namely groups for early childhood and elementary school students. The competition which resulted in 5 winners in each category was attended by more than 30 participants from each category.


“A very interesting event. Not only parents get useful knowledge, but the children are also happy to be able to take part in the competition and enjoy the existing game facilities,” said Asri, one of the participants in the activity. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 19-Oct-2022

Resource Person : Zessy Ardinal Barlan, MSi

Keyword : IPB Lecturer Serving, Children's Cheerful Day, Ananda Community