Increasing the Potential of Village Creative Economy, IPB University Students Conduct Ecoprint Batik Training for PKK Women

The IPB Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T) student group conducted a Training and Socialization program for Ecoprint Batik Making to mothers who were members of the Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) Morosunggingan Village, Peterongan District, Jombang, East Java.

As the name implies, ecoprint batik is made by printing using materials found in the natural environment as batik cloth. The colors and motifs it produces also come from nature, such as flowers and leaves. In addition, this type of batik also has a production process that is very unique and different from other batiks.

The chief executive of the program, Abdullah Jabr, said that the reason for choosing this type of ecoprint batik was because making batik is not as complicated as making batik or printed batik. According to him, Morosunggingan Village has natural potential that supports the making of this ecoprint batik. However, until this program was implemented, the area had no idea to develop it.

“The training program for making ecoprint batik in Morosunggingan Village was chosen because this type of batik is still rare and the process of making it is very easy. So, this business has the potential to be developed by mothers on the sidelines of taking care of the household,” said Jabr.

This training and socialization activity was attended by dozens of participants from PKK women from the five hamlets in Morosunggingan Village. Previously, IPB University KKN-T students had prepared tools and materials, ranging from leaves and flowers, alum, cloth, plastic and other equipment. The manufacturing technique used is the steaming technique (steamed).

“There are actually two ways to make ecoprint batik, steaming it first or just beating it. This first technique was chosen because later it will produce more real motifs and patterns than just beating it,” explained Jabr when explaining the material.

He added, although ecoprint is classified as simple batik, the uniqueness of the motifs of this batik makes its selling value in the market quite high. This is in line with the goal of IPB University KKN-T students holding training on making ecoprint batik, which is to raise the potential of the village's creative economy through the development of ecoprints as a product of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Morosunggingan Village. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 02-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Abdullah Jabr

Keyword : Batik Ecoprint, IPB KKN-T Students, Morosunggingan Village