IPB University's KKN-T Team Supports Stunting Prevention in Sukamanis Village by Procurement of Children's Nutrition Books

IPB University students in the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T) program fully support stunting prevention efforts, especially in Sukamanis Village, Sukabumi, West Java. One of the efforts made is to make a pocket book containing healthy menus to fulfill children's nutrition. The pocket book was then distributed and socialized to all cadres of the Sukamanis Village Integrated Service Post (Posyandu).
As stated by Febby Febriyanti, one of the students of KKN-T IPB University, an understanding of nutrition and health in children needs to be conveyed from an early age so that diseases or other disorders do not occur, such as stunting, for example. It is necessary to promote stunting prevention from the government to encourage every village to be able to prevent stunting through posyandu.
“The book that we have compiled not only contains easy recipes according to the calories and nutrients needed with ingredients that are easily accessible around Sukamanis Village. However, it also includes important things that mothers need to know in an effort to fulfill children's nutritional needs, ranging from daily nutritional needs to diseases caused by nutritional problems," she said.
In the socialization activity, students invited posyandu cadres to discuss, exchange ideas through focus group discussions (FGD) regarding the contents of books and nutritional issues that occurred in the village as well as distributing books. The posyandu cadres hope that what the students provide can be useful in the future.
"Hopefully the promotion of stunting prevention in Sukamanis Village continues. And the cadres can continue to be enthusiastic in encouraging the fulfillment of children's nutritional needs and awareness in children's nutritional status," Febby hoped.


Published Date : 06-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Febby Febriyanti

Keyword : KKN-T IPB Students, Prevention of stunting, Sukamanis Village