IPB University's KKN-T Team Creates Landscape Design as a Plan for Ecotourism at KWT Griya Wanakarya Permai

The IPB University Real-Thematic Working Lecture Group (KKN-T) created a landscape design as a basic pattern in making ecotourism at the Women Farmers Group (KWT) Griya Wanakarya Permai (GWKP) RW-12, Bubulak Village, Bogor, West Java. The design was led by Frisma Aulia Ardhana, a student of IPB University who is a member of the KKN-T of Bubulak Village.

IPB University's KKN-T student coordinator, Gandhi Satrio Wibowo, said the creation of a landscape design was aimed at developing the potential for ecotourism based on agricultural education and family tourism in a sustainable manner. In an area of approximately 2800 square meters, IPB University KKN-T students plan landscape design concepts, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional.

"Various points in this area have unique and interesting concepts that can attract visitors. For example, by building agricultural education facilities for children, or for the general public (commercial)," said Gandhi.

In addition, he continued, there are other location points including the construction of fish ponds with biofloc systems adjacent to tourist points for the elderly, chicken farms, and trigona bee cultivation for honey producers.

"Currently, in the KWT GWKP area, various kinds of vegetables are being planted, including mustard greens, pakcoy, red lettuce, karina lettuce, tomatoes, chilies, zucchini and others. Various preparations for planting are carried out until later on to harvest. Apart from producing eco-enzymes and making chicken coops," he added.

The ecotourism development at KWT GWKP is sponsored by the Erajaya company which is realizing its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

"It is hoped that the making of a landscape design in the KWT GWKP Bubulak area can be useful for KWT administrators and local residents. So that this place can be used as ecotourism and ultimately can improve the quality of the surrounding economy," said Prof. Tony Sumaryada, Field Advisory Lecturer (DPL) KKN Group -T IPB University. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 06-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Gandhi Satrio Wibowo

Keyword : KKN-T IPB Students, KWT GWKP Bubulak, Sustainable Ecotourism