Dozens of IPB University Lecturers Hold an Integrated Livestock Clinic Consultation in Central Lampung

A total of 10 IPB University lecturers carried out community service activities in Astomulyo Village, Punggur District, Central Lampung. They opened six Integrated Livestock Clinic Consultation services (Konikdu) for one day. This activity was held in collaboration between IPB University, the Office of Plantation, Livestock and Fisheries of Central Lampung Regency and PT Great Giant Livestock (GGL).

“This integrated Livestock Clinic Consultation is part of the Kedaireka 2022 Matching Fund program. Those involved in this activity are 5 lecturers from the School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Science (SKHB), 3 lecturers from the Faculty of Animal Science (Fapet), 1 lecturer from the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), and 1 lecturer from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA),” said Program Head, Prof Agik Suprayogi.

According to Prof Agik, the presence of IPB University in the community is considered important to assist farmers affected by the Mouth and Nail Disease (FMD) outbreak. “In the condition that the farmers are grieving due to FMD, it is important to have IPB University to accompany them. Especially in terms of animal health consulting services and livestock production. This clinical consultation activity is being held for the first time and we will spread it to other areas as an effort to assist and cure their grief," he added.

He added that there were six clinic rooms provided. Namely, a clinic room for consultations related to livestock health (Dr Drh Ronald Tarigan), a clinic room for reproductive and lactation consultations (Dr Drh Dedi R Setiadi), a clinic room for animal feed and post-harvest consultations (Dr Ir Afton Atabany and Dr Indah Wijayanti, SPt , MSc), a clinical room for consultation on livestock socio-economic institutions (Dr Anggraini Sukmawati, SPt, MM), a clinic room for consultation on the drum environment (Novriyandi Hanif, SSi, MSc, DSc and Prof Agik Suprayogi) and a clinic room for policy and policy consultations. cooperation (Prof Fadjar Satrija). "There are 85 patients (breeders, students and teachers from 3 vocational schools from Punggur District) who have consulted in this activity," he concluded. (Zul)

Published Date : 22-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Prof Agik Suprayogi

Keyword : IPB University, Lecturer, Clinical Consultation, FMD