PT Prima Kelola IPB University Collaborates with Indomaret to Develop One Village one CEO

PT Prima Kelola IPB University signed a cooperation agreement with PT Indomarco Prismatama regarding the implementation of One Village one CEO. In this cooperation agreement, PT Indomarco will get a supply of Calina papaya products from the production of One Village One CEO (OVOC) farmers for the Bogor Regency area.

The signing was carried out by Feki Oktavianus, Executive Director of PT Indomarco Prismatama and Ir Sulistianawati, MP, Director of PT Prima Kelola IPB University. The signing was also witnessed by the Vice Rector for International Affairs, Collaboration and Alumni Relations and the Director of Student Affairs and Career Development, Dr Alim Setiawan in the Rector's Meeting Room, Dramaga Campus, (20/9). On this occasion, a symbolic handover of agricultural tools was made to farmers in Bogor Regency.

Feki Oktavianus, Executive Director of PT Indomarco Prismatama, said that this collaboration was a follow-up to the MoU that had been carried out by the Rector of IPB University, Prof. Arif Satria. "This is a program that will run continuously as a follow-up to the realization of the MoU," said Feki.

He said, “We are very proud to be in contact with IPB University. There are many agricultural experts, many of which we can accept are related to academics, we hope that the collaboration will continue continuously, we expect the potential of One Village One CEO (OVOC) in order to develop in the future on a larger scale and even nationally," he said.

Feki emphasized the importance of good synergy from this collaboration. “We expect the farmers involved to show good synergy, especially in terms of production and yield cooperation. Indomaret is ready to accommodate the results of agricultural production, we will develop the Calina papaya item, the project can be developed for other products," he added.

He continued, cooperation with IPB University is very good to be developed, especially in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) human resource development. "We hope to have a national contribution to the surrounding community. Later, Indomaret, which is in a certain area, will have a contribution to develop the potential of the existing region, including trying this time in the Bogor district," said Feki.

Through this collaboration, he said, it is hoped that it will become a great collaboration and the farmers will become independent. "We will accommodate Calina papaya, and its management will be carried out continuously. This is the spirit of mutual success in achieving good productivity," he concluded.

Ir Sulistianawati, Director of PT Prima Kelola IPB University expressed his gratitude for the trust given. "We are proud that PT Indomarco has participated in developing modern, innovation-based agriculture," she said. She hoped that PT Indomarco and IPB University could continue to spread the benefits in the context of food independence and the welfare of the Indonesian people.

Prof. Dodik Ridho Nurochmat, Vice Rector for International Affairs, Collaboration and Alumni Relations, said that the development of the Calina papaya product in Bogor Regency through the OVOC program can create a business ecosystem that can improve the economy of farmers. He expressed great pleasure, "We are trying to restore IPB University's khitah that this is proof that IPB university is an expert in various fields, especially agriculture," he joked.

Furthermore, Prof. Dodik discussed the challenges of papaya cultivation in the Bogor area which tends to have high rainfall. This results in a less sweet papaya yield, so it requires special treatment. In addition, he also reviewed the potential of other fruits that could become items that could enter Indomaret such as avocado, durian, longan, and various other innovative products from IPB University. He also reviewed related to market segmentation that could be adjusted to the quality of the product. (dh/ra) (IAAS/STR)

Published Date : 22-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Prof Dodik Ridho Nurochmat, Feki Oktavianus, Ir Sulistianawati

Keyword : IPB collaboration, OVOC, IPB business