Get to know Reydi, a Local Fashion Brand Made by IPB University Students

The brand created by IPB University students, Reydi, received a grant in the 2022 Entrepreneurial Student Development Program (P2MW). This program consists of several fields, one of which is the creative industry and cultural arts. In this program, one of the delegates from IPB University developed the Reydi fashion brand.

“Reydi's local brand participated in a series of activities held by IPB University. We managed to become one of the IPB University delegation teams and managed to get funding grants," said Dinda Ramadhani, one of Reydi's Founders.
She added that Reydi offered fashion products in the form of bags, wallets, hats and masks. Reydi is here not only to be a fashion brand, but has a noble purpose. That is, they want to participate in preserving Indonesia's cultural heritage, namely batik.

"We see that the practical function of batik is starting to fade among the people, especially the younger generation. Therefore, this business was built so that consumers can participate in the preservation of batik cultural heritage. I hope that this noble goal can be realized," she added.

Talking about the products that Reydi offers, Dinda said that Reydi has three series. Namely the Safari Series, Reydi's product series that uses safari-patterned materials, such as leopards, zebras, cows and many more. This safari patterned material is a quality velvet type fabric.

Next up is the Minimalist Series, which is Reydi's product series that uses plain basic ingredients. The material used is synthetic leather. This product is a solution for potential customers who don't really like flashy patterns, such as safari or batik motifs.
Lastly, the Authentic Series, Reydi's product series that uses batik-patterned materials. The batik used is varied, ranging from written batik, printed batik and the most important is ecoprint batik.

"This Authentic Series product is produced with a contemporary design so that the product looks more eye-catching and makes consumers more confident when wearing it," she said.
According to her the business, which was built at the end of 2021, continues to strive to improve product quality and innovation. Reydi markets its products offline and online.

"We open outlets at several events, such as the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) event. In addition, we also sell on social media (Instagram, WhatsApp and Shopee) with the username reydi.official. We hope that through this P2MW program, we can develop our business and be known by the public," she said. (**/Zul)

Published Date : 22-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Dinda

Keyword : IPB University, entrepreneur, fashion band, student