IPB University, Unida, and Umpo Collaborative KKN-T Students Hold Eco-Enzyme Making Training

Garbage is often a major problem in people's lives. Sometimes, rivers become the target of garbage disposal, such as the phenomenon that occurred in Krisik Village, Pudak, Ponorogo, East Java.
Answering this problem, a number of Collaborative Real-Thematic Work Lectures (KKN-T) between three universities, namely IPB University, Darussalam Gontor University (Unida) and Muhammadiyah University Ponorogo (Umpo) carried out a work program in the form of training on making eco-enzymes for mothers in Family Welfare Empowerment (PKK) in Krisik Village.

Mohammad Disam Alfain, one of IPB University's KKN-T students explained, eco-enzyme is easily recognized as a versatile liquid, which is the result of fermenting vegetables and fruits in a solution of brown sugar. The eco-enzyme manufacturing training program aims to educate PKK women in the use of organic waste produced from household kitchens.

“The abundant vegetable harvest in Krisik village makes it difficult to sell excess vegetables and they end up rotting. The remnants of processed household vegetables are also not utilized properly and end up as waste. It is hoped that after this the PKK women can process organic waste that was previously dumped directly into the river into something more useful," he said.

The training begins with an introduction to eco-enzymes, their benefits, how to make and use eco-enzymes. Actively, PKK women practice directly how to make eco-enzymes using household organic waste. They were very enthusiastic in participating in the whole series. "The eco-enzymes that have been produced can be used as midges, insect repellents, mixtures in household cleaning fluids and so on," Disam added.

Some participants felt helped by the eco-enzyme provided by KKN-T students. Among the benefits they have, eco-enzymes are used by mothers as insecticides and diseases in plants.

"It's been tried, thank God for insects and whips are quite effective," said Simpen, one of the participants. The benefits of eco-enzymes in the health sector were also expressed by other participants. “I use the eco-enzyme to gargle. Thank God, my stubborn canker sores have reduced quite a bit,” said Setya, who also attended this training. (*/Rz) IAAS/SYA

Published Date : 06-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Mohammad Disam Alfain

Keyword : KKN-T IPB students, How to make Eco-enzyme, Krisik Village