IPB University KKN-T Students Emphasize the Importance of Waste Management and Environmental Sanitation

Students of the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T) IPB University Taman Mekar Village, Pangkalan District, Karawang, West Java carried out socialization activities on waste management and environmental sanitation. The socialization aims to provide education on how to sort waste properly and correctly and explain the importance of maintaining environmental sanitation.

Levina Iryani, the person in charge of this socialization, said that waste needs to be managed so that it does not pollute the environment. If left unchecked, it will disrupt the cleanliness of the environment in general. According to him, organic waste is easily decomposed by soil microorganisms. It's just that this type of waste will cause unpleasant odors if not managed properly.

Annisa, one of IPB University's KKN-T students, said that globally there is a principle of processing waste properly called 3R, Reduce (reduce), Reuse (reuse), Recycle (recycle). After that, there is the next stage, namely Recover, which functions to recover materials that can no longer be recycled to be converted into energy sources or environmentally friendly materials.

IPB University KKN-T students urge housewives not to throw away the remaining skin of the onion because it can be used as fertilizer to fertilize plants. Not only that, this onion skin fertilizer is also rich in calcium, iron, magnesium and copper.

"The use of onion peel fertilizer can increase plant resistance to disease, growth, and make stems stronger. This fertilizer can be applied to indoor or outdoor plants. It's also easy to make," she explained.

This program received appreciation from the village and local residents. After the program was implemented, Rasim as the Head of RT 2 Dusun 1 Tamanmekar Village gave a positive response. According to him, this program really provides benefits and new knowledge to the community.

"We hope that after this socialization the community will know the importance of awareness of cleanliness. Starting with not littering and being able to sort it out first before throwing it away," said Rasim.

IPB University's KKN-T program is guided by Dr. Yani Hadiroseyani. The student team consisted of Nadim Shodiq (Chairman), Wiza Afda Huljannah, Levina Iriani, Salsabila, Septiya Rahmawati, Juhriyatun Annisa, Naufal Dian Adyatma, Mochammad Shihab Alam, Dita Widiastuti and Yuyun Afifah. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 02-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Dr Yani Hadiroseyani

Keyword : IPB KKN-T Students, Waste Management, Tamanmekar Village