IPB University KKN-T Students Participate in the Preparation of the P2WKSS Competition in Curug Village, West Bogor

Increasing the Role of Women Towards Healthy and Prosperous Families (P2WKSS) is a competition at the provincial level which is followed by Curug Village, Bogor. The P2WKSS competition focuses on four approaches, namely health, the post-pandemic economy, the education sector, and the environment.
To make this a success, eight IPB University students who carried out the Thematic Real Work Lecture (KKN-T) in Curug Village ran three work programs to help Curug Village to take part in this competition.
“The first program is education on waste sorting. We educate residents about waste sorting and its benefits. In addition, the public is advised to have two trash bins for inorganic and organic waste. Seeing that it is difficult for the community to provide two trash bins, the kelurahan plans to collaborate with DHL to prepare trash bins for local residents," said one student participating in the KKN-T.
He added that the second program was counseling and home composting demo. This program begins with making compost bins from used buckets. Then the organic waste and starter containing putrefactive bacteria are put into the compost bucket.
“After this demonstration, participants were given compost buckets per group to try on their own at home. After a week, the liquid organic fertilizer can be harvested and used for vegetable, fruit and flower crops. Solid organic fertilizers can be harvested after 3-4 weeks and reused for further fertilizer production,” he added.
The last program, he continued, was vertical development. Students distribute seeds and seeds to the community to plant their own at home. After that, the students gave directions so that the seeds that had been sown were placed in the yard of the house.
"When we were monitoring and evaluating, 70 percent of the participants (families) assisted by seeding and planting the seeds provided and placing them in the yard of the house to take advantage of the existing land," he said.
H Irwansyah, SSos, MA as the village head of Curug Village said that the presence of students really helped the residents.
"It is hoped that this student work program can be the first step to solving problems in the Curug Village environment such as stunting and landslides that just occurred a few weeks ago," he said. (**/Zul)


Published Date : 06-Sep-2022

Resource Person : H Irwansyah, SSos, MA

Keyword : IPB University, students, KKN T