IPB University KKN-T Students Help Solve Environmental and Waste Problems in Karangharja Village, Bekasi

The difficulty of waste management in Karangharja Village, Pebayuran District, Bekasi Regency, West Java is due to the absence of a final disposal site. The lack of public awareness in protecting the environment is also the main cause of the waste problem in this village.

This made IPB University's Real-Thematic Work Lecture (KKN-T) students moved to educate the public about the importance of protecting the environment by innovating the use of plastic waste into more useful goods, namely ecobricks. This is done as an effort to reduce waste in Karangharja Village.
“Ecobrick is an innovation in an effort to reduce plastic waste by putting it in a plastic bottle and compacting it to form a brick. This ecobrick can be reused into a useful item or product," he said
Ahmad Fadlan, student of KKN-T IPB University.

Furthermore, Fadlan explained, the activity began with outreach to residents, followed by demonstrations of making ecobricks. The residents who were dominated by mothers and children were very enthusiastic about participating in the activity, especially with the competition held by IPB University KKN-T students to make ecobrick works within one week.

“In order to support the resolution of the waste problem, we have also built a communal garbage dump in RT 10, which is hoped that residents will no longer litter on roads and irrigation rivers. The inauguration of the temporary waste disposal site (TPS) is held at the same time as the announcement of the winner of the ecobrick competition," he added.

Adung as the Head of the Neighborhood Association (RT) 10 which became the pilot location was very supportive of this IPB University KKN-T student program. Besides being able to be reused into something that can be useful, it can also be a solution for waste management in Karangharja Village in an effort to reduce plastic waste.

"We express our deepest gratitude to the IPB University KKN-T students who have made RT 10 a pilot place for environmental work programs. We hope together that with the TPS that have been provided, residents can manage it well and God willing, the environment in RT 10 will also be cleaner and more comfortable," said Adung in his speech. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 05-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Fadlan

Keyword : KKN-T IPB Students, Karangharja Village, Ecobrick