IPB Press Will Contribute to Literacy in One Hundred Village Libraries

In the framework of the 59th Anniversary of IPB University, IPB Press launched the Literacy Movement Program for One Hundred Village Libraries (Literacy for the Nation). This program is a form of literacy dissemination by distributing books published by IPB Press to 100 villages in Indonesia. This movement started, and Bali became the first province to be visited.

Penarungan Village, Mengwi District, Bongkasa Village, Abiansemal District and Petang Village. Petang District is three villages in Badung Regency that have received the Literacy for the Nation program. IPB Press hopes the same spirit will also spread to other communities to improve Indonesian Literacy jointly.

Director of PT Bogor Life Science and Technology (BLST), Dr Naufal Mahfudz, said books with various titles had been distributed from IPB Press. Hopefully, it can increase Literacy according to village potential and increase reading interest in multiple regions. With the spread of Indonesia's population in this vast archipelagic country, it is undoubtedly a significant challenge to improve the nation's Literacy.

The Literacy Program for the Nation is getting attention given the importance of spreading Literacy which needs to be carried out to various corners of the country. This program would not have been possible without the support of multiple parties, especially PT Bogor Life Science and Technology (BLST) as the Holding Company of IPB University and the Sharia People's Financing Bank (BPRS) Botani Bina Rahmah as a fellow subsidiary of PT BLST.

"Through this literacy movement throughout Indonesia, IPB Press participates in educating the nation's life towards Indonesia's golden generation in 2045," he said.

According to him, the existence of publishers and the private sector is needed to support the government's programs. IPB Press, PT BLST and BPRS Botani Bina Rahmah, as part of IPB University, must be involved in disseminating innovation throughout Indonesia. The IPB Press books received by the village library and colportage are hoped to motivate the wider community to continue innovating.

"Thank you for helping in distributing books. Our library still has a small collection of books. Hopefully, it can always be there every year. Thank you for the assistance from the Literacy For the Nation program in the series of IPB University's 59th Anniversary," said I Putu Yana, Secretary of Bongkasa Village, the recipient of this program. (IAAS/INT).

Published Date : 27-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Dr Naufal Mahfudz

Keyword : IPB Press, PT BLST IPB, Literacy Movement of One Hundred Village Libraries, Literacy for the Nation