IPB University KKN-T Student Collaboration Reactivates 'Green and Clean' Kampung Kedokan Bogor

IPB University Real-Thematic Work Lecture (KKN-T) students initiated various service programs to answer problems in Kedokan Village, Putat Nutug Village, Ciseeng District, Bogor, West Java. These various programs are an effort to reactivate Green and Clean in the village.
According to Bunda Eel, the head of the local Women Farmers Group (KWT), Kedokan Village used to have a Green and Clean program. However, it is currently inactive. She and other village officials hope that the presence of IPB University students can provide insight and enthusiasm to the community so that the Green and Clean program can be active again.

“We made several work programs including Garden Class, Waste Treatment, Biopori, CiTaTu Education and Reactivation Library. Hopefully this step can raise students' awareness of the problems that occur in the community," said Silvi Leni Angelina, a student of KKN-T IPB University.

She further explained that the Garden Class Program was carried out by opening a class for seeding fruit and vegetable plants to KWT and village children. Students also gave various types of seeds and 100 seeds to the community. This program is an effort to realize 'Green' in Kedokan Village.

"As for the steps to realize 'Clean', we held a Waste Treatment by making ecobricks and eco-enzymes in collaboration with members of KWT Walagri. Together with youth organizations, we have also initiated 38 biopori or water infiltration holes to prevent waterlogging during the rainy season," she added.

In addition, Silvi continued, IPB University's KKN-T student service in Kedokan Village also covers the field of education. Through CiTaTu Education to children related to their knowledge such as introduction to the marine world, animal welfare and balanced nutrition. The interest in learning of the children of Kampung Kedokan is increasing every day, as can be seen from the number of participants attending which continues to increase every week.

“Another effort is also the step of activating the Kedokan Village library. Starting from cleaning the library, collecting data on the number and category of books, making library cards, collecting book donations, and inviting children to read in the library," she explained.
The entire KKN-T program, she said, was carried out smoothly thanks to the support from village and sub-district officials as well as residents of Kampung Kedokan. In addition to being able to answer community problems, she hopes that the KKN-T program can also be a forum for students to improve their abilities and develop their potential. (*/Rz)

Published Date : 02-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Silvi Leni Angelina

Keyword : KKN-T IPB Students, Green and Clean Kampung Kedokan