Returning to Cihideung Ilir Village, IPB University Students Instill Children's Dreams from an Early Age

Through the Terang Masyarakat (TEMA) program, a number of student organizations (Ormawa) of IPB University collaborated to educate children in the Cihideung Ilir Village area, Bogor, West Java. This service activity was carried out in collaboration with three IPB University organizations, including the Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (BEM FMIPA), the Gamma Sigma Beta Professional Association (GSB), and the Community of Research and Education in Biochemistry (CREBs).

“Entering the fourth meeting, this week it also ends the TEMA program that we have carried out in Cihideung Ilir Village. A total of 17 children participated actively. The event opens with a question: What is aspiration?” said Selnis Prassiska on the TEMA committee.

The IPB University student explained that ideals are desires that are always in the mind or goals set by oneself. Various professions are introduced to children to increase their motivation to achieve their dreams.

Apart from using video, Selnis said, the introduction of the profession was also carried out with each child describing the ideals they wanted on a piece of paper. The children came forward, re-explaining their work in the form of a description of their ideals. Creativity for the sake of creativity shown illustrates the children's impression of this year's TEMA series of events.

“It's great to see the Cihideung Ilir Village sisters who have welcomed our TEMA series of events with such enthusiasm and adorableness. The dreams they have today are also very diverse and impressive. Some want to become teachers, doctors, police, soldiers, and so on. The ideals they describe are expected to be able to instill and grow dreams and character in every child," he concluded. (*)(IAAS/UBI)

Published Date : 27-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Selnis Prassiska

Keyword : Bright Community, IPB Students, Cihideung Ilir Village