IPB University Vocational School D'Voice Student Choir Wins Champion at 10th International Brawijaya Choir Festival 2022

The Student Choir (PSM) D'Voice IPB University Vocational School once again scored another achievement in the 10th International Brawijaya Choir Festival, last July. PSM D'Voice managed to win a gold medal with a score of 86.18 and also won the Folklore category. The achievement was announced on the Awarding Night.
The team, consisting of 50 singers and conductor Asep Aryanto, performed two songs in the Folklore category. The two are "Gjendines Bådnlåt (Norwegian Lullaby)" (Gunnar Eriksson) and "Cikala Le Pong Pong" (Ken Steven). The victory in the Folklore category made PSM D'Voice entitled to advance to the Grand Champion round. In that round, the team performed the song "Warung Pojok" (Asep Aryanto) accompanied by stunning choreography.

The head of PSM D'Voice, Muhammad Hakim Dermawan, revealed that the team had been preparing since last April.
"The preparations we do are of course by practicing regularly. In addition, we are also preparing for the recording process because this competition is held with the recording method," he said.

The International Brawijaya Choir Festival (IBCF) is an international level choir and solo singing competition organized by the Universitas Brawijaya PSM Activity Unit. The festival, which is held every two years, carries the theme “The Eternal of Lively Tone”. A total of 28 choirs and 17 solo singing participants from various regions in Indonesia competed in this 10th festival.
The judge said that the IBCF was the first competition that PSM D'Voice participated in after the vacuum due to the pandemic. He hopes that this achievement can add to the existence of PSM D'Voice and IPB University in the choir world.

"In the future, we will continue to be consistent in participating in choir competitions, both at the national and international levels. Hopefully, PSM D'Voice can become the pride of Bogor City's choir," he said. (*)(IAAS/UBI)

Published Date : 02-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Muhammad Hakim Dermawan

Keyword : IPB University, achievement, PSM D'Voice, Vocational School