Serving Lecturer IPB University Trains Cibatok Village Farmers Group on Cultivation and Processing of Moringa Plants as Animal Feed

IPB University through the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) launched the Serving Lecturer program. This program is a community service activity carried out by IPB University lecturers. One of the services carried out is training and assistance in cultivating and processing Moringa leaves as a feed supplement. 

The training was conducted at the Cibatok Village Farmers Group, Bogor, West Java. The program is a dissemination of efficient technology from IPB University lecturers from the Faculty of Animal Husbandry. Consisting of Dr. Heri Ahmad Sukria, Prof. Hamim, Dr. Widya Hermana, Dr. Nandang and Sazli Tutur Risyahadi, STP, MT. 

A total of 15 residents who work as farmers and ranchers attended the activity. The activity was coordinated by Ruslan as well as the participant who will work on the land for moringa cultivation. He has experience in planting Moringa and raising chickens, both broiler and local-breed types. 

“This training is useful for improving community skills in moringa cultivation and chicken rearing. In addition, this activity is very beneficial so that it adds to our business and adds to our income, "said Ruslan. 

The three lecturers of IPB University gave different materials. The material includes processing techniques of Moringa as a feed supplement, cultivation of local-breed and broiler chickens, and how to cultivate Moringa. Dr. Heri said that there was potential for replacing corn as an energy source with cassava with Moringa leaf supplement. 

“Moringa has many active ingredients which are not only for human health but also as a supplement in feed. The processing of Moringa is simple and easy for farmers to do, just by drying and grinding to become feed ingredients,“ said Dr Heri during the training. 

The same thing was conveyed by Prof. Hamim. He emphasized that moringa cultivation is not difficult. To get optimal results, it is necessary to set the right spacing. On the other hand, Dr. Widya said that Moringa can play a role in improving chicken's performance. 

On this occasion, a team of IPB University lecturers gave and assisted the planting of Moringa seeds to the Cibatok Village Farmers Group. Not only that, participants were given the opportunity to raise local-breed chickens with the donor from Day Old Chicken (DOC) from IPB University lecturers. After planting, it is hoped that the results of Moringa leaves can be sold or processed into feed supplements. 

One of the participants from chicken farmers said that this activity increased their knowledge regarding the use of vacant land by planting Moringa around the house. In addition, now people know the use of Moringa as animal feed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nandang added that farmers should build strong group cooperation. With collaboration between farmers, there are many opportunities for business improvement. Such as the procurement of DOC, the procurement of Moringa seeds and the processing altogether so that it becomes cheaper. (*/Rz) (IAAS/Agl)

Published Date : 02-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Dr Heri Ahmad Sukria, Prof Hamim, Dr Widya Hermana, Dr Nandang dan Sazli Tutur Risyahadi, STP, MT.

Keyword : IPB University Serving Lecturer, Utilization of Moringa leaves, chicken rearing