IPB University Lecturer Implements Dried Bamboo Leaf Chopper Innovation for Ornamental Plant Media in Benteng Village

The Vocational School (SV) of IPB University in collaboration with the School of Universe (SoU) Nature School and the Lendo Novo Research Center (LRC) held training on making planting media for ornamental plants for the Nusa Educator Community in Benteng Village, Dramaga District, Bogor Regency, 25/9. This activity is part of IPB University's Regular Serving Lecturer 2022 program.

The head of the Nusa Educator Community, Arfan Damari, S.E., M.Si. said, this community has concerns for the surrounding environment. Among them are related to the processing of organic waste to be used as planting media for ornamental plants.

IPB University Vocational School lecturer from the Computer Engineering Technology (TEK) Study Program, Faldiena Marcelita, S.T., M.Kom. said, one of the important needs in the management of ornamental plants is planting media. Of the various types of planting media, one type which is used in the cultivation of ornamental plants is dried bamboo leaves.

“The choice of dry bamboo leaves is because apart from many, they are also good as a medium for composting raw materials. In addition to being porous, bamboo leaves also contain good nutrients for ornamental plants," he said.

He added that the training provided was processing bamboo leaves as a planting medium. That is processed from fermented bamboo leaf litter in order to get a planting medium that is full of nutrients for ornamental plants.

“The implementation of this chopping machine is an innovation that can facilitate the manufacture of planting media that utilizes bamboo leaf litter. Efforts to implement the innovation of bamboo leaf chopper are expected to provide added value and selling value of bamboo leaves," he said.

Dr. Inna Novianty, Head of the Computer Engineering Technology (TEK) Study Program said, this innovation in the form of a bamboo leaf chopper is an alternative mechanism that can be used in a micro-scale business so that it can help minimize dry waste around the house.

Meanwhile, according to Walidatush Sholihah, S.Si., M.Kom., this bamboo leaf chopper has another advantage, namely that it is easy to mobilize, so it can be applied anywhere.

Ir. Wien Kuntari, M.Si. as a resource person on the financial aspect explained that the success and sustainability of a business as an attraction are the benefits that come from innovative products. "In addition to product diversification, it is also necessary to promote the chopper and the results as a product that has a selling value," said the lecturer of IPB University Vocational School from the Agribusiness Management Study Program.

Similarly, Arief Nugroho Nur Prasetyo, S.Hut., M.Si., a resource person from the SoU Nature School as well as the LRC central management said, in addition to containing many needed nutrients, the processing process also provides added value for bamboo leaves which produce good products for ornamental plants’ planting media, as well as having economic value, so it has the potential to increase people's income. (*/Rz) (IAAS/Agl)

Published Date : 27-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Arfan Damari, SE, MSi

Keyword : Serving Lecturer IPB, Vocational School Lecturer, Dried Bamboo Leaf Chopper, Planting Media, Ornamental Plants