IPB University Lecturers Serving, Helping Organizational Revitalization and Business Determination of BUMDes Cibadak Mandiri

The revitalization of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) is no longer a local issue, but has become a national issue. On various occasions, the government through the Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration (Kemendes PDTT) and local governments (Pemda) emphasized the need to revitalize BUMDes.


IPB University lecturers from the Management Department through the Serving Lecturer Program carry out mentoring for BUMDes Cibadak Mandiri, Cibadak Village, Ciampea District, Bogor, West Java. Efforts to recover the post-pandemic economy have become the driving force for re-activating BUMDes businesses that were hampered.


Dr. Wita Juwita Ermawati, Head of Department of Management IPB University conveyed the importance of cooperation as part of the implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. The presence of the IPB University team is expected to contribute to the revitalization of BUMDes Cibadak Mandiri.


The Focus Group Discussion (FGD) team was assisted by Rindang Matoati, SE, MSc, Irfan Alfian and Nesti Handayani as facilitators. FGD participants included BUMDes management, village secretary, Village Consultative Body (BPD) and community representatives.


The Secretary of Cibadak Village expressed his gratitude for the presence of IPB University lecturers. He hopes that this can inspire and help revive the BUMDes organization in his village.


In the FGD conducted, the Head of the Lecturer Serving IPB University team, M Syaefudin Andrianto, STP, MSi explained the use of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Fishbone Diagrams as part of the Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Approach. In addition, IPB University lecturers also brainstormed evaluations of previous businesses and potential new businesses.


“In general, there are six main aspects why BUMDes Cibadak is not running. These include human resources (HR), capital, lack of responsibility for business partners, unstructured organization/management, non-performing loan installments and lack of market understanding," said M Syaefudin Andrianto.


He added that several alternative solutions had emerged, including BUMDes gatherings/ gatherings, training and the need for investors in addition to injections of village funds. The determination of business alternatives includes the management of Mount Karst Cibodas tourism, the management of clean water facilities and the Bottled Drinking Water Business (AMDK). Other potentials are welding business, guest house for tourism, food-beverage area business (pujasera) and small and medium enterprise (UKM) development.


“Business alternatives need to be narrowed down or prioritized because the injection funds from the village are limited or they have to look for investors. Several previous businesses already had a person in charge (PIC) whose personal and organization could be evaluated if the business was to be run again. The list of business alternatives needs to be followed up with a mature business plan," he said. (MSy/NH/Rz)

Published Date : 27-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Dr Wita Juwita Ermawati

Keyword : IPB Lecturer, Serving Lecturer, BUMDes Cibadak Mandiri, Cibadak Village