Directorate of Human Resources IPB University Holds Seminar on Competitive Grant Research Results for Functional Positions for Education Personnel

The Directorate of Human Resources (HR) of IPB University held a Seminar on Research Results of Competitive Grants for Functional Positions in the Common Class Room (CCR), Dramaga Campus of IPB, Bogor, (20/9). This seminar carries the theme of Strengthening Tendik Competence in the Era of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (VUCA).

The Director of Human Resources at IPB University, Dr. Heti Mulyati, in her speech said that under VUCA conditions, educational staff (tendik) must be able to respond to this very well. According to her, Tendik at IPB University is divided into three categories. Namely Tendik who has a functional position, implementing Tendik and Tendik who has a structural position.

“IPB University's status as a Legal Entity College (PTN BH) is a challenge for us, especially in managing staff who have functional positions. It's a bit easy, it's hard, it's easy. This is because the functional position is closely related to competence,” she said.

Therefore, she added, this activity is part of the support provided by the HR Directorate to tendik. “We want to hone through research and writings by all of you. We want all functional employees at IPB University to be able to develop, especially in the education staff," said Dr Heti.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Resources, Planning and Finance of IPB University, Prof. Agus Purwito said that the world is changing so fast. What is done now may be a few days later it will be meaningless. So, as a university person who has a position, like it or not, you must also improve your competence and be able to adapt to changes. "We all have to dilute ourselves to increase competence. Therefore, we must increase the essence," he concluded.

This activity also presented the Assistant Deputy for Position Design, Planning, and Procurement of Human Resources for the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB), Aba Subagja, S.Sos, MAP. He said that when talking about State Civil Apparatus (ASN), the principle is career. So, when talking about careers, ASN is needed with three things, such as promotion.

He explained that the structural and functional career systems are different. Structural is a career changing position, but functional is not changing positions but moving up the ranks.

Furthermore, he said that if the welfare aspect has been promoted, the award will be given in the form of a promotion, an increase in the retirement age limit and an increase in welfare.
"When we talk about PTN BH, the attributes must be attached to Kemdikbud, Research and Technology. There is still a shortage of ASN in PTNBH, that is something we will consider, so that there is a career continuity for our friends here," he said. (Ns/Zul)

Published Date : 22-Sep-2022

Resource Person : Prof Agus Purwito

Keyword : IPB University, HR, ASN, Functional Position